Our Mission

Our Mission: Building a movement of grassroots legal advocates


In a world where billions of people live outside the protection of the law, Namati is building a global movement of grassroots legal advocates who work with communities to advance justice. These advocates are solving problems on the front lines to ensure that people can protect their land, access essential services, and take part in the decisions that govern their lives.


The UN estimates that 4 billion people around the world live outside the protection of the law. For these people, law is an abstraction, or a bad joke, or a threat, but not something they can use to exercise their basic rights. Lawyers, meanwhile, are costly, and focused on formal court channels that are impractical for most people.

Namati’s grassroots legal advocates work to put the power of law in the hands of people. These “community paralegals” are trained in basic law and in skills like mediation, organizing, education, and advocacy. They form a dynamic, creative frontline that can engage formal and traditional institutions alike.

Rather than treating their clients as victims requiring an expert service—“I will solve this problem for you”—community paralegals can focus on legal empowerment. “We will solve this together, and afterwards you’ll be in a stronger position to tackle problems like these in the future.”

Just as primary health workers are connected to doctors, community paralegals should be connected to lawyers, with the possibility of litigation or high-level advocacy if frontline methods fail.


How We Do It

Namati works in three ways:

Grassroots Innovation

Namati partners with civil society organizations and governments to develop, implement, and evaluate legal empowerment strategies that address five urgent global challenges:


A Global Network

Namati convenes an international community of practitioners committed to advancing justice. Members learn from each other and collaborate across borders. Together, we are building a stronger global movement for legal empowerment.

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Research and Advocacy

We collect data rigorously on every case, and use that information to advocate for large-scale reforms. We aim to show that not only can community paralegals help bring good laws to life, their work can also lead to changes in the law.

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