July 30, 2015

15 Organizations Fighting for Land

by Paul McCann in Community Land Protection IMG_5301 copy 2

The anti-hunger NGO Food Tank has profile of the 15 global organizations working “to protect the land rights of farmers and their communities and bring greater transparency to development projects”. The list includes Namati, Landesa and the International Land Coalition. Read the full list on Food Tank’s website.

July 24, 2015

Oxfam employs Namati land model in Kenya and Nepal

by Namati in Community Land Protection IMG_0308

Oxfam UK and Namati are teaming up to provide the ‘weapons’ to protect community land in Nepal and Kenya. Through the UK Government-funded Community Land Rights Programme Oxfam is applying the Namati model to support rural people to map community lands, build inclusive management of resources, facilitate the resolution of land disputes, and gain legal protection over their lands. Read the full blog by…

July 9, 2015

Riverbed sand mining in India

by Kanchi Kohli in Environment Construction of a coal handling facility and port, Kutch, Gujarat, India.

Namati’s Kanchi Kohli, legal research director of the environmental justice program in India, reports on how riverbed sand mining continues unabated in India, despite the directions of the Supreme Court in 2012 and repeated assurances from State governments.   Read the full story in Frontline, the magazine of The Hindu newspaper.

June 25, 2015

Justice 2015 Update: Goal 16’s Impact

by Stacey Cram in Post-2015 Agenda DSC_0836

Over the last two years more than 300 organizations in the Global Legal Empowerment Network have campaigned for justice targets to be included in the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their advocacy has been at both the international and the national level, with high-level political meetings, OpEds, open letters, campaign days and media events pushing the case…

June 22, 2015

Saving Baby Bento

by Paul McCann in Health, Namati News PMcMoz2015Marracuene - 14

A few hours drive north of Maputo in Mozambique and the great distances from public services is just one of the issues local people face. Ignorance of up-to-date protocols and poor communication at health clinics can also put patients’ lives at risk. This short picture story illustrates how Hortência Alange, a Namati Mozambique health advocate, almost…

June 19, 2015

Newsletter Archive

by Paul McCann in Archive of Namati Newsletters AWA2015001M0307-5933 copy 2

Namati regularly updates members of the legal empowerment network and other supporters with news, useful resources and research; tools to improve their working and opportunities to get together and grow the field of legal empowerment. We also regularly update the network on the progress of our Justice 2015 campaign to see justice targets enshrined in the new Sustainable…

June 15, 2015

Report: CZMAs and Coastal Environments

by Manju Menon in Environment, Namati News, Resources & Research AWA2015001M0309-6408

Namati’s Environmental Justice Program and its Indian partner, the Centre for Policy Research, have completed a three year study of India’s Coastal Zone Management Authorities. The report highlights weaknesses in the functioning of India’s oldest and most important environmental protection system. Coastal Zone Management Authorities (CZMAs) were first constituted in all coastal states of India in 1998. This…

June 3, 2015

Spring 2015 Program Update: Realizing the Right to Health

by Ellie Feinglass in Health, Namati News DSC_0684

Namati’s right to health program aims to improve quality of and access to basic health services using a combination of methods including greater literacy of health care and health policy, facilitated clinic-community dialogue, and pursuit of legal and administrative remedies for breaches of policy or health-related rights. We have been engaged in this work in collaboration with…

June 2, 2015

Vivek Maru discusses activism and the legal empowerment movement

by Namati in Namati News NRF 13

Vivek Maru, CEO and founder of Namati, sits down with Arch Street Press’s Managing Editor, Robert Rimm, to discuss his and Namati’s experience training paralegals to represent communities fighting for the land of their families. Vivek’s spirit of activism is rooted in his days as a college student writing about Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr….

May 26, 2015

Large scale land investments and Sierra Leone’s draft National Land Policy

by Sonkita Conteh in Land & Natural Resources Portrait of Momodu Kanu. Masethele, Bombali District, Sierra Leone.

Sonkita Conteh, Diector of Namati Sierra Leone, discusses how the country’s upcoming land reform could approach large scale and foreign investment into land, originally published at   A series of short videos on the website of Sierra Leone’s investment promotion agency (SLIEPA) tout the country as one of the most attractive oases for investment. “Business friendly…