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Mozambique: Far-Reaching Impacts from Large-Scale Agriculture Projects

February 16, 2017
in: Community Rights, Food Security, Land Reform
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With many African governments still feeding illusions instead of their people, and with land giveaways to big investors, local farmers are becoming more food insecure as their land rights erode. As a new report—and a compelling video documentary—on Mozambique and Zambia shows, even smaller, less egregious land acquisitions are undermining food security in some of the world’s hungriest countries.

Indonesia: Wilmar Grabbed Indigenous Lands in Sumatra, RSPO Finds

February 16, 2017
in: Corporate Social Responsibility, Indigenous, Land Grab, Legislation

On Jan. 1, 2017, the world’s largest association for ethical palm oil production came to a decision that, if implemented, will allow the Kapa community of West Sumatra, Indonesia, to retain control of their indigenous territory. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) found that Wilmar International had taken over Kapa lands without their consent.

Cambodia: Official Implicated in Illegal Forest Clearing Scandal

February 15, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Forest, Land Dispute

The Director of a rural development department in one of Cambodia’s eastern provinces has illegally cleared forest inside the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary to plant cashew trees and other crops, according to authorities. The allegations were brought against Yun Saroum by a local forest community in Mondulkiri province and were investigated by a special committee.

Nigeria: Land Conflict Sharpened by Religious Divisions

February 13, 2017
in: Conflict, Land Dispute, Pastoralists

Hundreds have been killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria, in recent months in a long-running conflict between farmers and semi-nomadic herdsmen. It’s about land usage, but there are also ethnic and religious undercurrents.

Israel: President on Land-Grab Law – We Will Look Like an Apartheid State

February 12, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conflict, Eviction, Land Dispute, Land Grab, Land Titles, Legislation

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin strongly opposes a law passed by the Knesset last week, allowing private Palestinian land to be expropriated in order to retroactively legalize settlements. The passage of the so­­­-called “Regularization­ Law” could cause Israel to look like an apartheid state, Rivlin said in a meeting he held last week, only two days after the law was passed.

Mongolia: Herder Community Activist to Be Prosecuted for Statements on Land Rights

February 10, 2017
in: Accountability, Community Rights, Forest, Indigenous, Land Dispute, Pastoralists

Hai Wenming, an ethnic Mongolian intellectual who raises awareness for environmental degradation in his home village, was formally arrested on in January, after having been detained since December 2016 for tweeting about government inaction on his herder communities’ land dispute with the Wudantaraa Forestry Station. Ethnic Mongolian rights activists have poignantly criticized the Communist regime for destroying traditional grazing land to build large-scale commercial animal farms and for displacing herders from their ancestral lands.

Italy: Fund for Agricultural Development Hosts Indigenous Peoples Forum

February 10, 2017
in: Accountability, Food Security, Indigenous, Pastoralists

The International Fund for Agricultural Development hosted the third global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples Forum. Representatives of indigenous peoples’ organizations and leaders examined, along with other institutions, the new forms of participation of these communities in the rural development projects supported by IFAD, a body of the United Nations based in Rome.

USA: Hunters, Fishermen Stop Congressional Land Grab in its Tracks

February 10, 2017
in: Conservation, Land Dispute, Land Grab, Legislation, Natural Resources

After intense and unexpected political activism from hunting and fishing groups, an attack from the Trump administration on public lands has been shot down. House Republicans have been pressured to drop a bill that would have put millions of acres of federal land up for sale to non-federal entities after being deemed by Republicans to “serve no purpose for taxpayers,” regardless of the environmental and conservational reasons for maintaining that land under federal protection.

Global: Indigenous Peoples Lands Guard 80 Per Cent of World’s Biodiversity

February 9, 2017
in: Conservation, Forest, Gender, Indigenous

They are more than 370 million self-identified indigenous peoples in some 70 countries around the world. And their traditional lands guard over 80 per cent of the planet’s biodiversity.

Colombia: Groundbreaking Win for Indigenous People

February 9, 2017
in: Customary Law, Indigenous, Land Titles, Legislation, Mining

The Colombian Constitutional Court has found in favour of an indigenous peoples’ centuries -old fight for their territory, granting the petition for the protection of constitutional rights requested by the Embera Chamí people of the Indigenous Resguardo Cañamomo Lomaprieta, in western Colombia.

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