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Peru: Long Road Ahead to Indigenous Land and Forest Rights

June 21, 2017
in: Community Rights, Forest, Indigenous, Land Reform, Legislation, Natural Resources
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The gains have come through a series of regulatory reforms that have resulted in both progress and setbacks for indigenous communities, says Iliana Monterroso, a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for International Forestry Research and one of the authors of a new study on land and forest tenure reforms in Peru.

Kenya: Maasai Land Loss Raises Tensions Ahead of Elections

June 20, 2017
in: Community Rights, Indigenous, Land Reform, Land Titles, Legislation, Pastoralists

Kenya’s opposition leader has raised tensions weeks ahead of elections by criticising the Maasai community’s sale of ancestral land to other ethnic groups in an area hit by political violence in the 1990s, land rights experts said.

Myanmar: Karen communities in Myanmar file complaint with Thai Human Rights Commission to Stop Harmful Coal Mine

June 19, 2017
in: Accountability, Community Rights, Food Security, Indigenous, Land Grab, Mining

The Ban Chaung mine has polluted the air and water, harmed the livelihoods of local people, and led to the illegal seizure of agricultural land, among other harmful impacts, according to the complaint.

India: State Government Amends Record of Rights Act to Protect Jagir Lands

June 18, 2017
in: Land Reform, Land Titles, Legislation

The state Cabinet amended the Record of Rights Act in regard to registration of Jagir lands and other government lands in the state in efforts to ban the registration of Jagir and other government lands in the name of private persons.

Uganda: Cabinet Clears Draft Law for Forceful Seizure of Land

June 18, 2017
in: Accountability, Community Rights, Eviction, Land Reform, Land Titles, Landlessness, Legislation

The Uganda Cabinet has cleared proposals for an amendment to the Land Act of 1998, which would allow for the forceful acquisition of land with an eventual compensation to those land and property owners affected. Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana stated that the “principles of the Bill were cleared” and are before the First Parliamentary Counsel to draft adjustments to the land law.

Burkina Faso: 470,000 Hectares of Land Degradation a Year”

June 17, 2017
in: Conservation, Food Security, Natural Resources

Burkina Faso faces 470,000 hectares of land degradation every year due to a combination of natural and human factors, an official of the Sahelian country has said. He attributed land degradation to over-exploitation of natural resources for essential needs, land tenure insecurity, migratory pressures, and unfavorable conditions on the international market.

Guatemala: Land Rights Help Fight Fires in Nature Reserve

June 15, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Forest

Residents of northern Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve, an area of lush jungle and historical ruins, are far better at protecting the forest from fires when they have formal land rights, researchers said on Thursday.

India: Tribe Faces Eviction from Tiger Reserve – But Uranium Exploration Approved

June 15, 2017
in: Accountability, Community Rights, Eviction, Indigenous, Legislation, Mining

Officials in India are threatening to evict a tribe from a tiger reserve in the name of conservation – but have just approved uranium exploration in the same reserve. The move has angered campaigners, who accuse the authorities of hypocrisy.

South Asia: When Will Land Rights for South Asian Women Become a Reality?

June 13, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Customary Law, Food Security, Forest, Gender, Indigenous

The importance of protecting the full spectrum of women’s property rights becomes even more urgent as the number of women-led households in rural areas around the world continues to grow. While their ancient culture empowers Meghalaya’s indigenous women with land ownership that vastly improves their resilience to the food shocks climate change springs on them, for an overwhelming majority of women in developing countries, culture does not allow them even a voice in family or community land management. Nor do national laws support their rights to own the very land they sow and harvest to feed their families.

Global: Guatemala Provides an Example of Community Forest Management for Indonesia

June 12, 2017
in: Community Rights, Customary Law, Forest, Indigenous, Legislation, Mapping

An Indonesian delegation traveled to the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala to learn about community-managed forest concessions. The Southeast Asian country is facing a new challenge: a presidential promise to grant 12.7 million hectares as community concessions by 2019.

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