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India: For a Wider Cover: Meeting Climate Goals

November 10, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Forest

Notably, neither the Bonn Challenge nor the NDCs are about large-scale plantations alone. The Bonn Challenge, for instance, lays emphasis on landscape approaches — a model aimed at improving the ecology of a landscape as a whole in order to benefit local livelihoods and conserve biodiversity. The NDC lays emphasis not only on carbon sequestration but also adaptation to climate change through a strengthened flow of benefits to local communities that are dependent on forests and agriculture for sustenance.

Brazil: Afro-Brazilian Quilombo Fear Change in Land Laws

November 9, 2017
in: Community Rights, Legislation

But the Quilombos are facing a new threat from a proposed change to Brazilian law that critics fear will strip them of their land rights. The government’s support base includes wealthy landowners and agribusinesses who have a vested interest in these laws changing.

Myanmar: Calls for Action after Land Rights Activist Beaten to Death

November 9, 2017
in: Accountability, Community Rights, Conflict, Land Reform, Legislation

Htay Aung, who was helping villagers reclaim land caught in a long-running tug of war, was attacked by a mob of about 20 people in northern Shan state, according to rights groups and reports in the local media. He died of his injuries on Nov. 1.

Cambodia: Women Lead Sugar Fight as Cambodia Sours on Land Deals

November 9, 2017
in: Community Rights, Eviction, Indigenous, Land Reform, Land Titles

Them and other villagers have tried to halt the onslaught of the sugar companies, sleeping in their fields, blocking the path of bulldozers, confiscating machinery, and planting rice in small patches that they sought to reclaim. Today, Them, a widow, relies on her children for food, even as she wages a battle – along with half a dozen women in the village – for the return of their land, with petitions at the local and appeals courts, to ministers and even the king.

Pacific Islands: Climate Migration Muddied by Legal Confusion

November 9, 2017
in: Community Rights, Customary Law, Landlessness, Legislation, Natural Resources

acific islanders may be among the first people in the world forced to migrate as a clear result of climate change – but a range of thorny legal obstacles stands in the way of that happening successfully, researchers warned on Thursday.

India: New wildlife Plan Backs Adivasi Rights in Tiger Reserves Despite Environment Ministry Stalling Them

November 3, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Forest, Indigenous, Legislation

The National Wildlife Action Plan released by India’s environment ministry has asked for the speedy recognition of the forest rights of communities living inside tiger reserves, months after the ministry itself stalled the process.

Nigeria: Grazing Ban to Stop Deadly Cattle Wars

November 2, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conflict, Legislation, Pastoralists

The ban, in the south-eastern Benue state, follows years violent and often deadly clashes between nomadic Fulani herdsman and local farmers. The herders accuse farmers of killing their cattle while the farmers say the animals are destroying their crops. The new law would require everyone to keep their livestock on ranches.

Global: Survival of Forests is Vital for Reaching Climate Change Goals

November 1, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Forest, Indigenous, Land Titles

A key solution to saving tropical forests is to secure the land rights of the indigenous peoples and local communities, and to invest in them as an effective strategy for reducing deforestation and slowing climate change, according to the new findings released in Berlin on November 1.

Indonesia: Lampung Model Province for Social Forestry

October 26, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conflict, Conservation, Food Security, Forest, Legislation

Granting communities the right to manage state forests through social forestry programs in Lampung, Indonesia, could have positive outcomes for tenure security and sustainability while reducing land conflicts, a new study has found. The best agency to lead social forestry in the province, the research suggests, is the community-level Forest Management Unit (FMU), with the support of adequate budget, community empowerment efforts and coordination among all actors.

India: All-Women Forest Rights Information Centre Opens in Nayagarh District in Odisha

October 26, 2017
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Forest, Land Titles, Legislation

A forest rights information centre was opened at Kaptapally village under Nuagaon block of Nayagarh district on Tuesday. The centre will serve as an important resource hub for the long struggle of forest dwelling community to gain recognition of rights over their customary forests under the Forest Rights Act.

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