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Status change

Sustainable Uses for Biological Resources (SUBIR) Project: Phase 1 Evaluation

Dennis Glick, Constance McCorkle, Alan Patterson, Raymond Victurine, Joshua Dickinson,

Ecuador is among the most physically and biologically diverse countries in the world, made famous by the nineteenth-century writings of Darwin and von Humboldt. The SUBIR project encompasses an array of more than a dozen major ecosystems. The people who use the resources of the SUBIR project area are culturally and ethnically diverse as well. Of great concern…

Legal Empowerment Strategies in Bangladesh: Empowering Women and Poor People through Legal Means

Daphne Keevil Harrold,

Legal empowerment is a process and a goal that involves the use of law to increase the control of disadvantaged populations over their lives through a combination of education and action.  The success of legal empowerment work will be measured by looking for indicators of change that demonstrate improvements in the lives or position of women or…

Birth Registration in Bangladesh


Birth registration is a fundamental human right that is specified in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). All children have the right to a name, identity and nationality, and birth registration is a first and significant step in upholding these rights. Birth registration is the State’s first official acknowledgement of the child’s existence and is…

A Step Towards Peace

Boaz Paldi,

This resource chronicles the run-up to the historic 2006 elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Mission to Congo (MONUC) contributed to the international effort to ensure those elections would be fair and transparent. For the presidential and parliamentary elections, UNDP and MONUC ramped up civic…

Child Participation in the Constitution Making Process

Caleb Mutandwa, Shepherd Matsika, Chinga Govhati, Sithuthukile Sibanda, Admire Mandizvidza, Musa Kika,

Child participation in the Constitution making process was instrumental in the inclusion of the rights of children in the Constitution – a first for Zimbabwe. This resource documents the national consultations with children and related groups, including the background rationale and findings of the process.

Engaging with Customary Law to Create Scope for Realizing Women’s Formally Protected Land Rights in Rwanda

Marco Lankhorst, Muriel Veldman, International Development Law Organization (IDLO),

In rural Rwanda, women, particularly widows and divorced or abandoned women, face severe obstacles protecting and upholding their interests in land, resulting in diminishing land tenure security. Women have weak rights under customary law, and while reforms have strengthened their statutory land rights, such entitlements have limited practical value in rural areas where customary law…

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