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100,000 to 1 million people

Managing for Results in Primary Education in Madagascar: Evaluating the Impact of Selected Workflow Interventions

Gérard Lassibille, Jee-Peng Tan, Cornelia Jesse, Trang van Nguyen,

This resource was published in the World Bank Economic Review, volume 24, number 2, pp. 303–329. The impact of specific actions designed to streamline and tighten the workflow processes of key actors in Madagascar’s primary education sector are evaluated. To inform the strategy for scaling up, a randomized experiment was carried out over two school years. The…

Our Money, Our Responsibility: A Citizens’ Guide to Monitoring Government Expenditures

Vivek Ramkumar,

This guide offers an overview of government budget implementation processes and provides practical, tested tools that can be used by civil society organizations interested in monitoring government expenditures. This tool provides a close-up look at the four stages — budget execution, procurement, measuring impact, and the audit and legislative oversight process — in which civil…

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