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Waiting for the Inevitable: Systematic Violation of Human Rights

Healthy Options Project Skopje,

This video documents the direct practical experiences of representatives and lawyers of thirteen sex workers in their civil suit against the Republic of Macedonia (MOI, First Instance Court Skopje 1 and the Clinic for infective diseases – Skopje) for the violation of their personal rights (the rights to privacy and forbidding torture, inhumane or degrading treatment and…

Waiting for the Inevitable: Criminalization of HIV/STD Transmission

Healthy Options Project Skopje,

This video shows the impact of Article 205 of Macedonia’s Criminal Code, which has been used to detain and test sex workers for Hepatitis C and prosecute those who test positive. Different experts in HIV prevention and human rights discuss the paradox of this article’s use by police and the courts and the development of effective prevention from infectious diseases among vulnerable groups. This video calls on a…

Waiting for the Inevitable: The Right to Privacy and the Media

Healthy Options Project Skopje,

This video documents the lawsuit filed by three sex workers against five media outlets (print and electronic) for violation of their right to privacy. It analyses and opens a debate about the role of the media in the violation/promotion of the rights of sex workers and marginalized communities in general.

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