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Community-Investor Negotiation Guide 1: Preparing in Advance for Potential Investors (Swahili)

Namati, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment,

Deciding whether or not to allow an investor to use community lands and natural resources is one of the most important decisions a community can make. When negotiations are conducted fairly and inclusively, investments may result in the creation of jobs, provision of much-needed infrastructure such as schools, roads and clinics, and rental payments that…


Centre for Policy Research-Namati Environmental Justice Program,

Kituo cha Sera na Utafiti- Mpango wa Haki za Mazingira wa Namati Utangulizi na Maelezo ya Jumla ya Mwongozo wa Utendaji Maeneo mengi ya dunia, bila kujali viwango vyao vya maendeleo ya kiuchumi, yapo katika ukingo wa mgogoro mkali wa kimazingira. Katika maeneo haya, shughuli za miradi ya uzalishaji kama vile mashamba makubwa, uchimbaji madini…


Namati, Haki na Sheria , Haki Centre, Numbian Rights Forum , Open Society Foundations ,

The Kenya Citizenship program has developed Flip charts in Kiswahili and a smaller booklet version as paralegal guide. The vision of the flip charts is to guide the paralegals during community meetings. This was as a result of the inconsistency in the content of community meetings by the paralegals from the different parts of the…

Practical Citizen Participation in the Budget Process at County Level

Kituo Cha Sheria ,

Devolution is changing the way decisions are made and services delivered in Kenya. Under the new devolved system there are two levels of government the county and national. The county level is responsible for some services and national government others but they are required to work together for coordination. The county is responsible for services…

The Simplified Sexual Offenses Act 2006


The aim of the Sexual Offences Act is to explain sexual offences and make ways to prevent and protect all persons from illegal sexual acts. This resource by the Center for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) aims to provide a detailed yet simplified explanation on this act and how individuals understand their rights pertaining to…

Usimamizi wa Mazingira Kenya

Kituo Cha Sheria,

Kesi ya Mfumo wa Kiikolojia wa Mau Mara wa Ufupisho wa Nakala Inayofahamika ya Ufahamu wa Jamii ya Umma. Kuna sehemu kahusu Kwajumla, Ardhi, Maji, Misitu, wa Haki, Majukumu na Uhusishwaji wa umma Kwenye Usimamizi wa Mazingira Kwenye Mfumo wa Mau.

Legal Protocols Relevant to Refugees in Tanzania (Swahili)

Christian Pangilinan,

This set of five legal protocols are designed to provide accurate information to refugees in Tanzania on a number of topics that are relevant to refugees, including citizenship, adoption, arrest and detention, deportation and resettlement. Though designed for the Tanzanian context, the protocols can serve as models for other countries. They are also available in…

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