Lawyers for Resource Justice Application

  • This survey is designed for civil society organizations, like yours, that represent and help communities experiencing negative impacts from large-scale resource development projects—such as mines, plantations, or infrastructure projects—or that want to avoid negative impacts from proposed or upcoming projects.

    The following questions collect initial information about your organization, its legal needs and capacities, which types of resource development projects you are involved with, and which types of aid could support your work. We will review this information and then contact you to discuss your needs.
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  • Section 2 of 2: Description of the Legal Problem or Case

  • [Note that we offer free legal services to qualifying clients and projects; however, we cannot provide funding nor assist with identifying funding sources.]
  • (Minimum 2 sentences). (Examples: Advice on negotiating with multinational corporations; Support to monitor compliance to contracts; Investigating potential international pressure points; or Identifying new litigation strategies to challenge wrongful corporate activity.)
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    Lawyers for Resource Justice