1. What to expect in this course

Welcome to Legal Empowerment 101! We’re so excited that you’ve decided to start this journey with us.

This course draws on experience from across the Legal Empowerment Network to show how we, the Legal Empowerment Network, have found ways to address injustice by combining the power of law with the power of people. The course pulls together lessons from years of in-person learning events and case studies that show what’s possible when people impacted by injustice know, use, and shape the law.

What will you learn?

This section is designed to get you ready to start the course. You will:

  • Watch a brief animated video to see how legal empowerment can be used to address real life problems;
  • Take a short quiz to tell us what you already know about legal empowerment; and
  • Introduce yourself in the discussion, sharing how you see the law as out of reach in your community.

How long will this lesson take?

This introductory session will take less than a half hour to complete. In the next section, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the history and framework of legal empowerment work.

Video Transcript