3. Case studies of legal empowerment

What will you learn?

As Marlon explains, in this lesson, you have the chance to watch and read case studies of legal empowerment practitioners from around the world as they support communities to know, use, and shape the law. The inspiring results show changes in many types of injustice – from land use to domestic violence.

To complete the course, we ask you to engage with at least 3 of the 5 case studies. We recommend that you start with the first two case studies – about land rights in Kenya and participatory defense in the United States – because they are referenced in the analysis in the next lesson. You are welcome to watch all of the case studies, of course! After each case study, you will see a brief set of questions that ask you to identify how the changemakers in the videos used the elements of the legal empowerment cycle (know-use-shape) to create change.

Lastly, make sure to add to the discussion board to share how the steps of know-use-shape might relate to the justice issue you identified.

How long will this lesson take?

This lesson will take about two hours to complete.

Video Transcript