4. Diving deeper into legal empowerment

What will you learn?

In this lesson you will learn more about how justice seekers combine the power of law and organizing in practice. The legal empowerment cycle is central to this work, but who is involved and the formality of the process can change in different locations. First, you will hear from four members of the legal empowerment network about the roles, opportunities, and challenges of doing legal empowerment work in their context. Some reading will help you become familiar with the roles and steps of legal empowerment. Next, you will gain deeper insights into the process of building power within communities by listening to Vivek Maru  and reading about organizing good practice. Lastly, you will learn about how the Legal Empowerment Network has created a space for like-minded organizations to build their skills and pursue collective action. Each topic is followed by a brief quiz to check your understanding. In the end of the lesson, you will have opportunities to reflect on the discussion board about the injustice you want to address in your community.

How long will this lesson take?

This lesson will take about two and a half hours to complete.

Video Transcript