[[{"id":"13676","first_name":"Ngodi","last_name":"Etanislas","display_name":"Ngodi Etanislas","nicename":"ngodietanislas","full_name":"Ngodi Etanislas","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Citizenship, Gender-based violence, Governance, Women's Rights, ","website":null,"email":"netanislas@gmail.com","description":"Coordinator of Association Avenir Nepad Congo.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/n\/e480ec\/200.png","profile_slug":"ngodietanislas","country":"Congo Republic","coremember":false},{"id":"13675","first_name":"Geetika","last_name":"Chavan","display_name":"Geetika Chavan","nicename":"geetikachavan","full_name":"Geetika Chavan","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, ","website":null,"email":"advgeetikachavan@gmail.com","description":"ear Sir\/ Madam,\r\n\r\nI have passed the All India Bar Exam in 2019 and have graduated Three Year LLB Course from Government Law College, Mumbai in August 2018. I have an experience of 1 year 2 months in Litigation varying in Civil, Commercial, Criminal and Family matters.\r\n\r\nI intend to work in an organization wherein I can contribute for the growth of the organization as well as grow as a legal professional. I want strongly believe in gender equality and want to be part of an organization that would not only help everyone irrespective of their gender but contribute in fighting for gender equality from local to international level.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/g\/b19c9b\/200.png","profile_slug":"geetikachavan","country":"India","coremember":false},{"id":"13674","first_name":"Olujere","last_name":"Zion","display_name":"Olujere Zion","nicename":"olujerezion","full_name":"Olujere Zion","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Criminal Justice, Economic Empowerment, Gender-based violence, Governance, Women's Rights, ","website":null,"email":"feyikemizion@gmail.com","description":"I am a lawyer based in Nigeria who specializes in human rights advocacy especially for women(violence against women), anti-slavery and advocacy for youths inclusion in governance. I will like a forum where I can connect with people who share my thoughts and work on similar goals; to learn and also get the resources to aid my work as an advocate.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/user_avatar\/community.namati.org\/olujerezion\/200\/11928_2.png","profile_slug":"olujerezion","country":"Nigeria","coremember":false},{"id":"13673","first_name":"Raviraj","last_name":"Sable","display_name":"Raviraj Sable","nicename":"ravirajsable","full_name":"Raviraj Sable","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"","website":null,"email":"sableraviraj15@gmail.com","description":"I am interested to join with us national level","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/r\/7ab992\/200.png","profile_slug":"ravirajsable","country":"India","coremember":false},{"id":"13672","first_name":"Hsu Hnin","last_name":"Eain","display_name":"Hsu Hnin Eain","nicename":"hsuhnineain","full_name":"Hsu Hnin Eain","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Gender-based violence, Peace-building, Women's Rights, ","website":null,"email":"hsuhnineain2028@gmail.com","description":"A graduate of International Relations voluntarily working at a student club called Yangon University Open Political Society by taking the role of Advisor. I am a freelancer for translating. Currently, I am looking for new full-time job opportunity that will take me next level in my career pathway. I would like to be a member of Namati to learn new knowledge and to connect with other members to expand my network.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/h\/53a042\/200.png","profile_slug":"hsuhnineain","country":"Myanmar","coremember":false},{"id":"13671","first_name":"Mar\u00eda Noelia","last_name":"Romero","display_name":"Mar\u00eda Noelia Romero","nicename":"noe","full_name":"Mar\u00eda Noelia Romero","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Environmental Justice, ","website":null,"email":"mnoeliar93@gmail.com","description":"Me interesa la rama de DDHH sobre todo en lo ambiental.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/n\/51bf81\/200.png","profile_slug":"noe","country":"Argentina","coremember":false},{"id":"13670","first_name":"Florencia","last_name":"Almeida","display_name":"Florencia Almeida","nicename":"falmeida","full_name":"Florencia Almeida","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Family, ","website":null,"email":"almeidaflorencia.a@gmail.com","description":"Soy abogada, especializada en Derecho Internacional P\u00fablico, y docente de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Trabajo en un estudio jur\u00eddico con casos de familia donde suelen verse vulnerados los derechos de los ni\u00f1os. Mi intensi\u00f3n es unirme a la red a fin de adquirir las herramientas necesarias para desarrollar mi labor con mayor eficacia y poder ayudar as\u00ed a las personas que lo requieran.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/f\/ecc23a\/200.png","profile_slug":"falmeida","country":"Argentina","coremember":false},{"id":"13669","first_name":"Rogers","last_name":"Ndifuna","display_name":"Rogers Ndifuna","nicename":"rogers","full_name":"Rogers Ndifuna","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Economic Empowerment, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Health, Labor & Employment, Land & Natural Resources, ","website":null,"email":"rojajr15@gmail.com","description":"I'm a volunteer peer educator","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/r\/a6a055\/200.png","profile_slug":"rogers","country":"Uganda","coremember":false},{"id":"13668","first_name":"Lanre","last_name":"Lassise-Phillips","display_name":"Lanre Lassise-Phillips","nicename":"phillips","full_name":"Lanre Lassise-Phillips","organization":"Nigerian Bar Association","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Generalist Legal Services, ","website":null,"email":"lanre@thelawgates.com.ng","description":"Lanre Lassise-Phillips is an established legal practitioner with bias for tax practice. He has assisted in designing tax compliance structures for corporate and individual clients, providing opinions on vast issues affecting taxation in Nigeria particularly for foreign entities\/individuals who desire to invest in Nigeria. He was formerly the Practice Head of Messrs. Abiola Sanni & Co., a corporate tax law firm. Prior to that, he managed Brook Solicitors, a firm that specializes in trade and investment and corporate and commercial law practice. \r\n\r\nLanre has also cast his footprint in the Nigerian financial sector. He was at one time the head of Litigation and Complaint Unit of the Polaris Bank (formerly Skye Bank). This was after heading the South West Legal Office of the same bank. Much earlier, he worked with the then Intercontinental Bank Plc in various capacities. He was deputy head of the Litigation Unit, pioneer regional head of the North East operations of the Bank providing advisory services to the various branches in the numerous states which comprised the region.\r\n\r\nCurrently, he is the Chairman Tax Appeal Tribunal Lagos Zone. He is also a Partner in the Law Gates Solicitors, a firm which delivers bespoke legal and tax support services. \r\n\r\nLanre has also contributed significantly to the advancement of the fledging tax law practice in Nigeria. He is one of the editors of the African Tax Law Report, the Nigerian Revenue Law Reports as well as All Nigerian Tax Cases all of which are devoted exclusively to reporting tax cases. \r\n\r\nLanre has also consulted on diverse legal matters. Currently, he is the Lead Consultant to the Ogun State Public Interest Law Partnership (PILP) in collaboration with the Justice Research Institute (JRI). He was an Associate Consultant on the Lagos State Public Interest Law Partnership (2014) among other consulting roles.\r\n\r\nHe was, amongst others, a resource speaker at an in-house tax training organised for Lagos State Internal Revenue Service [LIRS] on \u201cPrinciples and Practice of Tax Appeal Under the Personal Income Tax Act\u201d by Priory Terrace Solicitors 2015 tagged Legal Education & Research Node [LEARN]. In addition, Lanre is a consummate academic and has a number of publications in reputable law journals to his credit.\r\n\r\nLanre graduated from the distinguished University of Lagos with a Second-Class Upper Degree. He is currently pursuing a Doctoral programme in tax law from the same University of Lagos having earlier obtained his Master of Laws Degree. He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN). \r\n\r\nLanre was a recipient of the Mobil Nigeria Unlimited National Merit Award and a University of Lagos Scholar.\r\n\r\nHe holds an Advance Diploma in Theology as well as a National Diploma, Mass Communication from the Polytechnic Ibadan. He is married and blessed with two daughters.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/p\/f05b48\/200.png","profile_slug":"phillips","country":"Nigeria","coremember":false},{"id":"13667","first_name":"ROXANA","last_name":"TORRES DIAZ","display_name":"ROXANA TORRES DIAZ","nicename":"roxana","full_name":"ROXANA TORRES DIAZ","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Gender-based violence, ","website":null,"email":"snataxojobal@gmail.com","description":"Mi nombre es Roxana Torres Diaz, tengo 44 a\u00f1os, tengo una hija de 12 a\u00f1os, feminista. Tengo 20 a\u00f1os dedicada a la prevenci\u00f3n de la violencia hacia las mujeres embarazadas y no que sufren violencia, he acompa\u00f1ado a mujeres de pueblos originarios en proceso de econom\u00eda feminista, popular, solidaria. \r\nHace un a\u00f1o hicimos una colectiva de mujeres feminista llamada Xch\u00falel Antsetik, un espacio de encuentro arte y reflexi\u00f3n, donde hacemos talleres diversos como salud herbolaria, lectura, circulo de mujeres, macram\u00e9 crochet entre otros.\r\nTambi\u00e9n es un espacio de autonom\u00eda, para solventar los gastos tenemos un caf\u00e9 con artesan\u00edas.\r\nSomos mujeres diversas en la colectiva.\r\nAl espacioso el perfil que tenemos llegan mujeres que necesitan apoyo legal, sicol\u00f3gico etc. Creo que pertenecer a la Red nos permitir\u00e1 y ayudara a nosotras tener herramientas para apoyarlas.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/r\/a6a055\/200.png","profile_slug":"roxana","country":"Mexico","coremember":false},{"id":"13661","first_name":"Lilia Ester","last_name":"Armando","display_name":"Lilia Ester Armando","nicename":"lilicomunitaria","full_name":"Lilia Ester Armando","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Citizenship, Education, Family, Gender-based violence, Peace-building, Traditional \/ Customary Justice, Women's Rights, ","website":null,"email":"tanitatcfecloa@gmail.com","description":"Maestra (Istituto Magistrale G.A. Rayneri (TO) Italia). Analista de Sistemas (Colegio Universitario Liceo Inform\u00e1tico II). Profesora y Licenciada en Ciencias de la Educaci\u00f3n (Universidad Abierta Interamericana). Profesora en Ciencias Pol\u00edticas (Colegio Universitario Liceo Inform\u00e1tico II). Lic. en Ciencias Pol\u00edticas (Universidad del Salvador). Dra. en Lengua y Cultura Italiana (Universit\u00e1 di Pisa - Italia). Abogada (Universidad Siglo 21); Posgrado: Cursado de la Maestr\u00eda Interuniversitaria Patag\u00f3nica en Gesti\u00f3n de la Informaci\u00f3n que se dict\u00f3 en la UNLPam (Todo el programa \u2013 m\u00f3dulos - cursado y aprobado \u2013Con proyecto TESIS aprobado), Egresada del Programa de capacitaci\u00f3n para Dirigentes Pol\u00edticos de la Escuela Nacional de Gobierno del INCaP dependiente del Ministerio del Interior de la Naci\u00f3n, Egresada del Programa de Posgrado \u201cPeace Operations Policy Program\u201d, \u201cThe International Training Program for Conflict Management\u201d, estudio de caso \u201cRehabilitation Effort in Afghanistan\u201d de la George Mason University, Arlington, VA., EEUU y Escuela Superiore Sant\u2019Anna, Pisa, Italia, auspiciado por Naciones Unidas, Junio 2002; Cursado Doctorado en RRII de la Facultad de Ciencia Pol\u00edtica, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, sin tesis; Ciclo de Formaci\u00f3n Profesional para Equipos Directivos de ISFD, 2007\/2009; Ministerio de Educaci\u00f3n, Ciencia y Tecnolog\u00eda de la Naci\u00f3n, todos los trayectos; Cap. Sistemas de Protecci\u00f3n Integral de Derechos de Ni\u00f1as, Ni\u00f1os y Adolescentes, Ley Provincial N\u00b0 2703 \u2013 Resol. N\u00b0 238-CD-14, Universidad Nacional de La Pampa.\r\nFundadora de instituciones (colegios, fundaci\u00f3n, desde hace 30 a\u00f1os, funcionando plenamente); creadora de proyectos y programas de inclusi\u00f3n social, de educaci\u00f3n emancipadora, de educaci\u00f3n flexible en atenci\u00f3n a la heterogeneidad del alumnado, de asistencia socio-comunitaria.\r\nMam\u00e1 de 3 hijas y un hijo (las mujeres: M\u00e9dica Cardi\u00f3loga (UBA\/Favaloro)-Profesora en Cs. Pol\u00edticas (Col. Univ. Liceo Inform\u00e1tico II)-Lic. en Letras (UBA)- El m\u00e1s joven, var\u00f3n, T\u00e9cnico en Seguridad e Higiene (Univ. S. 21) y estudiante Analista Programador de Sistemas de Informaci\u00f3n.\r\nActualmente me desempe\u00f1o como Rectora de Ciudad Educativa, Escuela Superior de Servicios y Negocios; Presido la Fundaci\u00f3n que he creado en el a\u00f1o 1994 y que se dedica a la promoci\u00f3n y protecci\u00f3n de Derechos de Ni\u00f1ez y Adolescencia (y la asistencia socio-educativa de Ni\u00f1os, Ni\u00f1as y Adolescentes) y patrocino a menores en situaci\u00f3n de vulnerabilidad, mujeres v\u00edctimas de violencia de g\u00e9nero, entre otras actividades. \r\nHe publicado, en co-autor\u00eda, la novela \"Se viene el viento\", que ha tenido gran aceptaci\u00f3n en nuestra provincia y regi\u00f3n. A lo largo de mi vida he tambi\u00e9n obtenido numerosos reconocimientos por obras literarias.\r\nMi objetivo, en esta etapa de mi vida, es dar a mi comunidad y pa\u00eds toda la cooperaci\u00f3n a mi alcance y que me sea permitida (pues no es f\u00e1cil que se habilite la participaci\u00f3n en determinados \u00e1mbitos).","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/l\/41988e\/200.png","profile_slug":"lilicomunitaria","country":"Argentina","coremember":false},{"id":"13660","first_name":"Poorvi","last_name":"Chitalkar","display_name":"Poorvi Chitalkar","nicename":"poorvichitalkar","full_name":"Poorvi Chitalkar","organization":"Namati","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"","website":null,"email":"poorvichitalkar@namati.org","description":"Poorvi Chitalkar is the Learning Agenda Specialist at Namati. In this role, she leads efforts to generate new knowledge on legal empowerment, connecting research and program experimentation to drive learning. She supports collaboration among practitioners from Namati and the Global Legal Empowerment Network as well as researchers to advance comparative learning across diverse contexts.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/p\/898d66\/200.png","profile_slug":"poorvichitalkar","country":"United States","coremember":false},{"id":"13659","first_name":"Kristen","last_name":"Belolan","display_name":"Kristen Belolan","nicename":"kristenbelolan","full_name":"Kristen Belolan","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Access to Information, Education, Generalist Legal Services, Health, Women's Rights, ","website":null,"email":"kristen@knbcounsel.com","description":"I help entrepreneurs and small business owners build and grow their best companies. \r\n\r\nI started my legal career in 2003 as a corporate attorney at one of the oldest law firms in New York. My practice included mergers and acquisitions, contracts, and a wide range of commercial transactions. As an associate, I was driven to learn everything I could about new ways of approaching law practice and innovation within the legal profession. Over time, I turned this curiosity and knowledge into a new career in business development for legal tech companies, helping attorneys practice law in smarter, faster, and more client-centric ways. \r\n\r\nAfter several years in legal tech, I returned to law practice and built my own modern law firm from the ground up. Today, I\u2019m focused on serving small businesses and startups in the beautiful state of Colorado. I\u2019m grateful for the unique value I can bring to my clients, based on my experiences practicing corporate law and developing business for innovative companies. I'm very excited to join the network and learn more about how people across the world are working to expand access to justice.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/k\/ea5d25\/200.png","profile_slug":"kristenbelolan","country":"United States","coremember":false},{"id":"13658","first_name":"Sibelys Katina","last_name":"Mej\u00eda Rodr\u00edguez","display_name":"Sibelys Katina Mej\u00eda Rodr\u00edguez","nicename":"msibelys","full_name":"Sibelys Katina Mej\u00eda Rodr\u00edguez","organization":"Comisi\u00f3n Colombiana de Juristas CCJ","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Community \/ Customary Land Rights, Education, Gender-based violence, Governance, Peace-building, Women's Rights, ","website":null,"email":"msibelys@gmail.com","description":"Soy Abogada, Magister en Estudios Culturales de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia y Especialista en Pedagog\u00eda de la Universidad Pedag\u00f3gica Nacional. Nac\u00ed en Ponedera, Atl\u00e1ntico, desde mi etapa de formaci\u00f3n universitaria empec\u00e9 a trabajar en investigaci\u00f3n sociojur\u00eddica y justicia comunitaria. Mi recorrido me ha dado experiencia en temas ambientales, administraci\u00f3n de justicia, justicia comunitaria, conciliaci\u00f3n en equidad, an\u00e1lisis cultural, derechos humanos y derechos de comunidades \u00e9tnicas y campesinas y con enfoques de genero y derechos humanos. \r\nEn la CCJ trabajo desde 2019, en el \u00e1rea de incidencia nacional, desde ah\u00ed tengo responsabilidades en el desarrollo de procesos de formaci\u00f3n en administraci\u00f3n de justicia y derechos humanos, adem\u00e1s tambi\u00e9n realizo actividades de incidencia en instancias legislativas en favor de los DDHH, procesos de acompa\u00f1amiento a casos de grupos poblacionales vulnerables y de espacial protecci\u00f3n, intervenciones en altas cortes y dem\u00e1s actividades de incidencia.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/m\/839c29\/200.png","profile_slug":"msibelys","country":"Colombia","coremember":false},{"id":"13657","first_name":"Pilar","last_name":"Ermilio Paez","display_name":"Pilar Ermilio Paez","nicename":"pilar","full_name":"Pilar Ermilio Paez","organization":"Adesar y Ctep","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Economic Empowerment, Education, Family, Generalist Legal Services, Health, Peace-building, Women's Rights, ","website":null,"email":"pilarermilio@gmail.com","description":"Mi nombre es Pilar, tengo 27 a\u00f1os, soy abogada egresada de la UBA, tengo experiencia en Ongs, me dedico a lo humanitario, estuve coordinando un equipo y viviendo en comunidades originarias durante dos a\u00f1os. En este momento coordino una Ong e integro el equipo de legales de otra Asociaci\u00f3n.\r\n\r\nMe interesa seguir form\u00e1ndome en todo lo relacionado a derechos humanos.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/p\/b9e5f3\/200.png","profile_slug":"pilar","country":"Argentina","coremember":false},{"id":"13656","first_name":"Carlos","last_name":"Olaya","display_name":"Carlos Olaya","nicename":"carlos-olaya","full_name":"Carlos Olaya","organization":"Center of Studies on Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia).","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Environmental Justice, Governance, Land & Natural Resources, ","website":null,"email":"colaya@dejusticia.org","description":"Soy abogado y mag\u00edster en derecho, con profundizaci\u00f3n en derecho constitucional, de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Soy de Neiva, Huila, un municipio en el sur de Colombia, donde he siempre he estado en contacto con problemas rurales y la vida entre plantaciones de arroz. \r\n\r\nLuego de graduarme, me he desempe\u00f1ado como investigador, asesor y apoyo t\u00e9cnico en temas como la presencia de comunidades rurales en \u00e1reas naturales protegidas, conflictos territoriales entre comunidades \u00e9tnicas y campesinas, problemas de tierras y la implementaci\u00f3n de sentencias de indemnizaci\u00f3n por da\u00f1os ambientales. Tambi\u00e9n he sido docente en cursos investigaci\u00f3n jur\u00eddica y derecho ambiental, en el programa de derecho de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. \r\n\r\nActualmente soy investigador en la L\u00ednea de Justicia Ambiental de Dejusticia, una organizaci\u00f3n de investigaci\u00f3n-acci\u00f3n en derechos humanos. Me encargo de formular e implementar proyectos de investigaci\u00f3n, y apoyar litigios, relacionados con deforestaci\u00f3n, afectaci\u00f3n a comunidades locales y \u00e1reas naturales protegidas.","avatar":"https:\/\/secure.gravatar.com\/avatar\/4e6654628c318c9a141d4b25b0f32c1c?s=200&d=mm&r=g","profile_slug":"carlos-olaya","country":"Colombia","coremember":false},{"id":"13655","first_name":"Mat\u00edas Leandro","last_name":"P\u00e9rez","display_name":"Mat\u00edas Leandro P\u00e9rez","nicename":"boris2020","full_name":"Mat\u00edas Leandro P\u00e9rez","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Other, ","website":null,"email":"mattomattoperez@outlook.com","description":"Soy Abogado, actualmente finizando el tramo para escribano. tambi\u00e9n Operador Sociocomunitario especializado en atenci\u00f3n en consumo problem\u00e1tico, adicciones. Busco capacitarme interelacionarme y a su vez brindar mis aportes de manera profesional como as\u00ed mismo poder adquirir experiencia desde otra perspectiva planteada.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/b\/bb73d2\/200.png","profile_slug":"boris2020","country":"Argentina","coremember":false},{"id":"13654","first_name":"Agust\u00edn","last_name":"Ayala","display_name":"Agust\u00edn Ayala","nicename":"fedeayala82","full_name":"Agust\u00edn Ayala","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Education, ","website":null,"email":"fedeayala82@yahoo.com.ar","description":"Profesor tutor en ense\u00f1anza media para adultos.\r\nBueno conocer sobre el empoderamiento jur\u00eddico para volcarlo en alumnos, compa\u00f1eros y colegas.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/f\/838e76\/200.png","profile_slug":"fedeayala82","country":"Argentina","coremember":false},{"id":"13653","first_name":"Yan Win","last_name":"Soe","display_name":"Yan Win Soe","nicename":"yanwinsoe","full_name":"Yan Win Soe","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Access to Information, Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Health, Women's Rights, ","website":null,"email":"yanwinsoe.myanmar@gmail.com","description":"A public health profession with more than 10 years of work experience currently takes a role of country focal for Myanmar PITCH program, and leading the program with true passion in human rights advocacy.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/y\/ebca7d\/200.png","profile_slug":"yanwinsoe","country":"Myanmar","coremember":false},{"id":"13652","first_name":"romina","last_name":"cutura","display_name":"romina cutura","nicename":"rominacutura","full_name":"romina cutura","organization":"","region":"","methods":[],"issues":"Women's Rights, ","website":null,"email":"romicutura@gmail.com","description":"Hola! Soy Romina, me faltan dos materias para recibirme de abogada en Uba, con especializacion en derecho internacional publico. Trabajo en el Ministerio de seguridad de la Pcia de Buenos Aires en el area de genero y derechos humanos. Me interesa unirme a la red para seguir una formacion con perspectiva comunitaria que son herramientas que rara vez brinda la universidad y poder aplicarlas en el ambito de mi trabajo.","avatar":"https:\/\/community.namati.org\/letter_avatar_proxy\/v4\/letter\/r\/bc8723\/200.png","profile_slug":"rominacutura","country":"Argentina","coremember":false}],8924]