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Filing Right to Information Claims

Social Audit Program for the Local Road Construction Project San Antonio del Monte

Otto Eric Vidaurre,

This social audit experience was used in the project to build a six kilometer local road in El Salvador. The project benefited 500 families directly and an additional 1,000 families indirectly, all low-income. Project duration was eight months, including training community delegates in the social auditing process and conducting supervision, evaluation, monitoring, and control of…

Freedom of Information: Handbook for Law Clinics

Nigeria Network of University Legal Aid Institutions,

The Freedom of Information Handbook for Law Clinics has been written to provide a guide to law teachers, law students and other persons working in the Law Clinics, human rights, access to justice and governance projects and programmes in Nigeria. This Handbook provides a basic text for the training of law teachers, students, supervisors and…

Democratic Accountability and Service Delivery: A Desk Review

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance,

This report explores how different modalities of democratic accountability can improve service delivery. The paper outlines four ideal dimensions to evaluating the effectiveness of accountability relations: standards, answerability, responsiveness and enforceability.  The report analyzes 16 cases in which citizens held public officials accountable for the delivery of public services through the above proposed dimensions.

How effective are environmental regulations to address impacts of industrial and infrastructure projects in India

CPR-Namati Environmental Justice Program,

India promulgated a series of environmental legislations between 1980 and 2005 to ensure that environmental and social impacts of land use change, infrastructure development, and industrialisation are kept in check and timely mitigation is undertaken. But what happens to the projects once they are granted approvals? Do they comply with all the conditions imposed on…

Guía de análisis presupuestario con enfoque de derechos para la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Martín Sigal, Luciana Bercovich, Mariel Acosta, Dalile Antúnez, Verónica Gil Libarona, Juan M. Mamberti, Victoria Vaccaro,

It is undeniable that policies can not be implemented without the allocation of public resources that are necessary to make them effective. The strong connection between fulfilling the rights and budgetary resources to realize them imposes clear limits on state authority over the process of drafting the budget law and its implementation. Often they argue…

Información para la acción: el acceso a la información como herramienta para la exigibilidad de los derechos económicos, sociales, culturales y ambientales

Gustavo Maurino, Edison Lanza, Luciana Bercovich, Tania da Rosa Pírez, María Trevisani, Valeria España,

El presente informe recoge los principales hallazgos del relevamiento realizado en base a la experiencia de diversas Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil (OSC) de Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay en el cruce de estas dos agendas, procurando establecer una aproximación al contexto jurídico-político, las fortalezas y los obstáculos en cada uno de los…

Budgets and human rights: Guidelines for litigators

Dalile Antúnez, María Emilia Mamberti, Luciana Morón, Nicolás Dino Ferme,

In this guide, the authors  explore different worrying scenarios —such as budgetary cuts or inefficiencies in human rights related to spending— and discuss possibilities to take States to court to mend those scenarios. They provide arguments and supportive case law aimed at serving as tools for this kind of litigation. In addition, we will offer…

Guía de Acceso a Derechos: Para conocerlos y exigirlos

Gustavo Mauruno, Luciana Bercovich, Mariel Acosta, Mauro Chellillo, Florencia Ezezia, Celina Giraudy, Yamila Panizza,

ACIJ cuenta con un programa de trabajo en villas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires en el cual partimos de identificar estos territorios como espacios en los que se condensan y profundizan las vulneraciones de derechos y donde el acceso a la justicia, a los servicios públicos y a derechos básicos como la salud, la…

Report of the Independent Expert on the issue of human rights obligations relating to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights,

The UN Human Rights Council, in its resolution 19/10, requested the Independent Expert on Human Rights and the Environment, Mr. John Knox, to identify, promote and exchange views on best practices relating to the use of human rights obligations and commitments to inform, support and strengthen environmental policy making, especially in the area of environmental…

Tracking Funds for India’s Most Deprived: The Story of the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights’ “Campaign 789″

Vimala Ramachandran, Sapna Goel,

On 31 August 2010 the home minister of India made a startling statement on the floor of the national Parliament, “In my prima facie view using Rs. 678 crores (INR 6.78 billion) out of SCSP to the commonwealth games infrastructure appears to be wrong.” This statement seemed to be quite innocuous; however, the significance was not lost on…

New Handbook for Environment Justice Practitioners in India

Posted by Namati in Community Paralegals, Environment, Land & Natural Resources, Resources & Research

Handbook on Legal and Administrative Remedies for Community Level Environment Justice Practitioners in India   The Centre for Policy Research-Namati Environmental Justice Program has produced an indispensable new handbook that helps environment justice practitioners in India to identify and use appropriate legal clauses and institutional routes in their work. Environment justice practitioners, or grassroots environment paralegals,…