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Mediating/Resolving Disputes


Movement for Resettlement and Rural Development (MoRRD),

The Movement for Resettlement and Rural Development (MoRRD) Monthly Disaggregated Data on Cases Reported, Mediated, and Closed in Kenemafrom January to June 2020.

Justice Policy Series, Part 1: Access to Justice

Open Government Partnership, Joseph Foti, Jessica Hickle, Maha Jweied,

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) provides an opportunity for government and civil society reformers to make government more transparent, participatory, and accountable. Working together, government and civil society co-create two-year action plans with concrete commitments across a broad range of issues that are then monitored by OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM). Until recently, access to…

Guía para Trabajadores Comunitarios Cómo Documentar la Nacionalidad y Otras Formas de Identidad Jurídica

Namati y Open Society Justice Initiative, en cooperación con UNHCR,

Actualmente, 1.100 millones de personas en el mundo no cuentan con documentos que acrediten su identidad legal. Sin esto, no pueden votar, acceder a atención de la salud o ir a la escuela, y se exponen al riesgo de ser apátridas. Puede haber comunidades enteras—sobre todo de sectores de bajos recursos y miembros de minorías—sin…

How to Solve a Land Grab (Burmese)


This publication guides paralegals and those affected by land grabs through solving their cases. It includes useful laws, regulations, institutions, and methodologies drawn from the practical experiences of handling these cases. This document is written in Burmese.

Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide (French)

Rachael Knight, Marena Brinkhurst, Jaron Vogelsang, and Namati's Community Land Protection partner organizations,

This resource, Guide des Facilitateurs de la Protection des Terres Communautaires, is the French version of the Community Land Protection Facilitator’s Guide. The English version can be found here. Namati’s Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide is a step-by-step, practical “how to” manual for grassroots advocates working to help communities protect their customary claims and rights to…

Exploring the links between experiences of injustice and violent conflict

Will Bennett,

Experiences of injustice increase the risk of violent behaviours. In this policy brief, the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law and Saferworld make the case for a better understanding of experiences of injustice; and, how addressing those experiences could have a significant bearing on conflict dynamics. To this end – Exploring the links between experiences…

Documento conceptual. Mecanismos alternativos de solución de conflictos en América Latina en justicia comunitaria

Conferencia de Ministros de Justicia de los Países Iberoamericanos (COMJIB), EUROsociAL,

El Programa EUROsociAL contempla trabajar en el ámbito del sector justicia en la promoción del acceso a la justicia. En el encuentro de identificación de proyectos celebrado en Bogotá en noviembre de 2011, se priorizaron tres grandes objetivos que han dado lugar a tres proyectos diferenciados, aunque conectados entre sí. Uno de estos objetivos es…

Aportes para un diálogo sobre el acceso a la justicia y reforma civil en América Latina

Centro de Estudios de Justicia de las Américas (CEJA), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zussamenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH,

El Proyecto “Apoyo a los Procesos Regionales de Diálogo para Fomentar Reformas en el Derecho y Reformas Judiciales en América Latina” –ejecutado por la Agencia de Cooperación Alemana GIZ por encargo del Ministerio Alemán de Cooperación BMZ a través del Centro de Estudios de la Justicia de las Américas (CEJA)– quiere reforzar el intercambio de…

Manual de formación en justicia comunitaria

Gláucia Falsarella Foley, EUROsociAL,

Este material ha sido elaborado con el objetivo de colaborar en la capacitación en materia de justicia comunitaria, a partir del análisis detallado de cada uno de sus ejes de actuación: la mediación comunitaria, la educación para los derechos y la animación de las redes sociales. Después de una breve contextualización de Justicia Comunitaria en…

Manual de intervención en conflictos socioambientales


Este manual es un acercamiento teórico y comparado a los conflictos socioambientales. En él se provee un repaso de los conceptos clave en relación a los conflictos socioambientales, a la vez que se documentan y explican las herramientas y metodología de intervención, como por ejemplo el análisis del conflicto, de los actores y de las…

How a Coastal Violation is Leading to a Small Revolution in Karnataka

Posted by Vinod Patgar in Environment

The following blog by CPR-Namati Enviro-Legal Coordinator, Vinod Patgar, originally appeared on Baad, a village near my village of Kagal in coastal Karnataka, hosts a fair every year at the Shri Kanchika Parameshwari temple. As children, the joy of going to this fair was unparalleled. During the fair, the yakshagana, a folk dance, used…

Groundtruthing – A Journey from Law to Environmental Justice

Posted by Vivek Trivedi in General

“The community actually said that the ‘air is so bad and the water is so bad that we can neither cook nor make tea.’” This line, sobering in its daily reality, was delivered at a recent webinar entitled Building Evidence for Justice – Groundtruthing Environmental Compliance, by Kanchi Kohli, Legal Research Director at the CPR-Namati…

Bringing Law to Life: Paralegal Interventions in Natural Resource Exploitation

Posted by Sonkita Conteh in Community Paralegals, Land & Natural Resources

Introduction When a diamond mining company closed its operations in Mofuwe Village, in the south of Sierra Leone, it left behind three mined-out pits the size of several football pitches, a collapsed bridge, a blocked stream and an uncompleted community school building. It was as if the villagers woke up one morning and the company…

New book on protecting community lands and resources in Africa from Namati and Natural Justice

Posted by Marena Brinkhurst in Advocacy & Systemic Change, Land & Natural Resources, Resources & Research

In 2013, a group of 20 expert advocates from across Africa gathered for a three-day symposium to share experiences and practical strategies for effectively supporting communities to protect their lands and natural resources. The symposium illuminated many similarities between the types of threats to communities’ land and natural resource claims, as well as underlying factors that drive and exacerbate…

Talking Health Rights

Posted by Paul McCann in Health

Cacilda Fumo is one of Namati’s health advocates – a compassionate champion of patient rights. At the 1st of May Health Center in Maputo, Mozambique, where HIV and TB patients seek treatment from an over-stretched public health service, she is a regular presence – explaining to people not only how they can stay healthy, but what they can expect…