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Monitoring Violations of Rights

Informe EPU 2018: Vulneraciones a los derechos de los pueblos indígenas en la cuenca amazónica por inversiones chinas


El presente informe se ha elaborado con la participación de organizaciones indígenas y se basa en un análisis documental técnico de cinco casos emblemáticos sobre vulneración de derechos humanos de pueblos indígenas en la Cuenca Amazónica por parte de empresas de capitales chinos y con gestión de la República Popular China (RPCH). Estos derechos vulnerados…

Villa 15: los déficits en el acceso a servicios esenciales como violación colectiva de derechos sociales

Centro para una Justicia Igualitaria y Popular (CEJIP),

Este informe ante la Relatoría sobre Derechos Ecónomicos, Sociales, Culturales y Ambientales de la CIDH se relaciona a otros informes previos presentados por las organizaciones civiles de la región, tiene como antecedentes la audiencia sobre la situación de los asentamientos precarios urbanos realizada en 2015 por la CIDH, así como otros informes temáticos elaborados por…

Closing the Enforcement Gap: A community-led groundtruthing of the expansion of a National Highway in Uttara Kannada

Centre for Policy Research - Namati Environmental Justice Program,

In 2011, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) proposed the widening and upgrading of the existing National Highway (NH) 17, renaming it NH-66 in the process. It is mentioned in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report and in the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that the construction of the highway will reduce traffic, fuel consumption…

Making the Law Count: Environment Justice Stories on Community Paralegal Work in India (Version 2)

Centre for Policy Research (CPR) - Namati Environmental Justice Program,

Across the world, poor communities bear a disproportionate burden of the environmental cost of development. Harmful projects such as polluting industrial units, municipal disposal sites or mining projects are usually situated close to poor neighborhoods. These communities grapple on a daily basis with environmental impacts which exposes them to toxic contamination, adversely affect their livelihoods…

Make the Road: Developing a Membership Model that Builds the Power of Immigrant and Working Class Communities

+Acumen, Open Society Justice Initiative,

Make the Road is the largest nonunion immigrant membership organization in New York, in the United States. This case study explores Make the Road’s experiments with innovative financing. To support this work, the team at Make the Road has developed a robust and diversified funding model. In 2019, the vast majority of the organization’s overall…

Complicity in Destruction II

Amazon Watch,

How northern consumers and financiers enable Bolsonaro’s assault on the Brazilian Amazon. As the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon provides 20% of our oxygen, houses 10% of the planet’s biodiversity, and helps stabilize the global climate. The world needs it to survive. None understand this better than the indigenous peoples and traditional communities who call…

Manuel Pratique de Protection pour les Défenseur·e·s des Droits Humains en République Démocratique du Congo

Protection International,

Il y a maintenant 10 ans que Protection International a publié son Nouveau Manuel de Protection (NMP). Bien que toujours d’actualité, son contenu peut paraître abstrait au premier abord et il est parfois difficile pour les défenseurs et défenseures (DDH) d’appliquer les concepts et méthodes proposées à leur propre organisation et contexte. De plus, le…

Most Farmers Do Not Know about the Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Land Management Law as the Grace Period to Register Closes (Burmese)

Nwe Ni Soe, Sung Chin Par,

This report is written in Burmese. Find an English verison, here.  On September 11, 2018 parliament passed an amendment to the Vacant, Fallow and Virgin (VFV) Land Management Law. This law has been criticized by many groups ranging from civil society groups to mining companies. The primary concern is that it will cause further insecurity…

Most Farmers Do Not Know about the Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Land Management Law as the Grace Period to Register Closes

Nwe Ni Soe, Sung Chin Par,

On September 11, 2018 parliament passed an amendment to the Vacant, Fallow and Virgin (VFV) Land Management Law. This law has been criticized by many groups ranging from civil society groups to mining companies. The primary concern is that it will cause further insecurity for farmers and ethnic communities. For purposes of this report when…

Report of the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, and on the right to non-discrimination in this context

UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing,

In the present report, the Special Rapporteur examines the issue of the right to housing for residents of informal settlements and the commitment made by States to upgrade such settlements by 2030. Nearly one quarter of the world’s urban population lives in informal settlements or encampments, most in developing countries but increasingly also in the…

How a Coastal Violation is Leading to a Small Revolution in Karnataka

Posted by Vinod Patgar in Environment

The following blog by CPR-Namati Enviro-Legal Coordinator, Vinod Patgar, originally appeared on myLaw.net. Baad, a village near my village of Kagal in coastal Karnataka, hosts a fair every year at the Shri Kanchika Parameshwari temple. As children, the joy of going to this fair was unparalleled. During the fair, the yakshagana, a folk dance, used…

Groundtruthing – A Journey from Law to Environmental Justice

Posted by Vivek Trivedi in General

“The community actually said that the ‘air is so bad and the water is so bad that we can neither cook nor make tea.’” This line, sobering in its daily reality, was delivered at a recent webinar entitled Building Evidence for Justice – Groundtruthing Environmental Compliance, by Kanchi Kohli, Legal Research Director at the CPR-Namati…

Bringing Law to Life: Paralegal Interventions in Natural Resource Exploitation

Posted by Sonkita Conteh in Community Paralegals, Land & Natural Resources

Introduction When a diamond mining company closed its operations in Mofuwe Village, in the south of Sierra Leone, it left behind three mined-out pits the size of several football pitches, a collapsed bridge, a blocked stream and an uncompleted community school building. It was as if the villagers woke up one morning and the company…

New book on protecting community lands and resources in Africa from Namati and Natural Justice

Posted by Marena Brinkhurst in Advocacy & Systemic Change, Land & Natural Resources, Resources & Research

In 2013, a group of 20 expert advocates from across Africa gathered for a three-day symposium to share experiences and practical strategies for effectively supporting communities to protect their lands and natural resources. The symposium illuminated many similarities between the types of threats to communities’ land and natural resource claims, as well as underlying factors that drive and exacerbate…

Talking Health Rights

Posted by Paul McCann in Health

Cacilda Fumo is one of Namati’s health advocates – a compassionate champion of patient rights. At the 1st of May Health Center in Maputo, Mozambique, where HIV and TB patients seek treatment from an over-stretched public health service, she is a regular presence – explaining to people not only how they can stay healthy, but what they can expect…

Using paralegals to fight forced early marriage in Sierra Leone

Posted by Daniel Sesay in Community Paralegals

Early and forced marriage continues to be a widespread and serious problem in post-war Sierra Leone, especially in rural areas. It has become a common practice that abuses the rights of children and girls. Early marriage, also known as child marriage, is the marriage of someone before the age of 18 years. Such marriages are…

OpEd: A Citizenship Sea-Change in Bangladesh

Posted by Bremen Donovan in Citizenship

The Daily Star in Bangladesh printed an OpEd by Namati’s friend Bremen Donovan to coincide with a conference on Statelessness attended by Namati and its partner the Council of Minorities. It is one of the first times the wider Bengali public have been exposed to the work of paralegals from the Urdu-speaking community. The OpED…