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Guia de Levantamento dos Desafios das Unidades Sanitárias

Namati Moçambique, Moçambique Ministério da Saúde,

A ferramenta de levantamento dos desafios das unidades sanitárias (US) visa sistematizar os principais desafios e reclamações sobre qualidade e humanização dos serviços de saúde através da auscultação das comunidades, dos comités de saúde e de co-gestão e humanização, e dos trabalhadores de saúde, com vista a desenvolver um plano de acção conjunto baseado nas…

Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluating for Results

UNDP Evaluations Office,

The Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluating for Results is intended to: ■ Strengthen the results-oriented monitoring and evaluation function and capacity in UNDP for the purpose of improving programmes and policies, organizational learning and accountability; ■ Introduce simplified, streamlined and flexible approaches and tools to monitor progress towards outcomes that are consistent with the org…

Understand the Tanzania Cybercrimes Act 2015 – Simplified Language

Samson Mmari (FOLEA),

Tanzania Cybercrimes Act, 2015 it was tabled before the National Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania as a bill on March 2015 by the Ministry of Communication Science and Technology during the 19th National Assembly meeting under the emergence certificate. This book contains a simplified language which will create awareness to the readers on…

HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network,

This policy and law review goes over Canadian and international legal developments as they pertain to laws associated with people living with HIV/AIDS. It also goes over cases dealing with HIV/AIDS and how they played out in courts, both in Canada and internationally.

Sport for Social Change Network Zambia Chapter

Malanga Jeff Mposha,

Sport for Social Change Network Zambia Chapter The Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN) Zambia Chapter represents a milestone in the field of development through sport. It represents a total of 15 Sports for Development organisations have come together to share, network and build capacity with special focusing on utilsing the power of sport to…

New How-To Guide to Interviewing Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence


This guide compiles tips from experts, survivors and filmmakers on best practices for filming interviews with survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. The tips are organized into stages of preparation for the interview, during the interview, after the interview and special attention is given to ensuring the safety and security of interviewees. The guide is…

The making of a new constitution: suggestions for the committee of 80

Sonkita Conteh,

As a special committee undertakes to reform Sierra Leone’s constitution – which was established in 1991, just before the country’s decade-long war – Namati’s Sonkita Conteh makes six substantive recommendations to ensure that the new document “addresses the current realities of our nation”.

民间组织项目运作: 学员手册 (NGO Program Operation: Student Handbook)


民间组织项目运作:计划、筹款和参与式项目管理 (NGO Program Operation: Planning, Fundraising, and Participatory Program Management) is a student handbook for a four-day capacity building module. The module covers issues such as: tools for the evaluation and development of rural programs; principles, strategies, and sources for fundraising; and management of programs and funding. Each lesson contains the goals, order of activities,…

草根组织启动: 教师手册 (Launching a Grassroots Organization: Teacher’s Handbook)


This tool, 草根组织启动:社会视野、草根行动与社区参与 (Launching a Grassroots Organization: Social Vision, Grassroots Action, and Community Participation) is a “Teacher’s Handbook” (教师手册) that  outlines a 5 day capacity building module for NGOs. The Handbook includes lesson plans for each topic, including lesson objectives, student achievement goals, and discussion/activity guides. The appendix gives examples of a course pre-test and…

Changes in “customary” land tenure systems in Africa

Jean-Pierre Chauveau, Salmana Cissé, Jean-Philippe Colin, Lorenzo Cotula, Philippe Lavigne Delville, Bernardete Neves, Julian Quan, Camilla Toulmin,

United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Institute for Environment and Development paper on a shift towards recognizing traditional land rights in rural Africa. Published by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and edited by Lorenzo Cotula. Recommended for the land rights toolkit.

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