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Global Legal Empowerment Network

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If you are putting the power of law into people’s hands, you are one of us. Our growing community is working to make justice a reality for the billions who live outside the law.

What is the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

The network brings together 3229 organizations and 12440 individuals, all dedicated to grassroots justice. We meet online and in-person. We learn from each other and share a growing library of legal empowerment resources. We campaign on issues that affect us globally and nationally. We work together to secure support and sustainable funding for our field.

Who is in the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

We are lawyers and community paralegals, human rights activists and grassroots organizers, health advocates and educators, researchers, journalists and public servants. We collaborate across regions and across disciplines. Together we are building a global network of people working to advance justice in our communities and the world.


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Why Join?


By meeting others and working together, we can grow our impact.


We are more effective and creative when we learn from each other.


Combining our voices helps raise support and funding for our field.