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The Grassroots Justice Network opens the door to opportunities for learning and collaboration.

Learning Agenda for Legal Empowerment


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Practitioners across the Network are taking on burning questions and learning from each other to deepen impact, address knowledge gaps, and grow the global movement for justice.

Learning Opportunities

Want to get involved in collective learning? The Grassroots Justice Network offers a number of opportunities for learning and collaboration. In virtual and in-person learning spaces, you can learn from other practitioners, share your own experiences about what works, and partner with others to address burning questions together.

Legal Empowerment 101 

This course draws on experience from across the Grassroots Justice Network to show how we, the Grassroots Justice Network, have found ways to address injustice by combining the power of law with the power of people. The course pulls together lessons from years of in-person learning events and case studies that show what’s possible when people impacted by injustice know, use, and shape the law.

How to Build an Ecosystem for Financing

This e-learning course is a space for grassroots justice and legal empowerment practitioners to learn more about the global landscape for justice and financing, and develop strategies to advocate for greater financing to power their efforts. The course draws on the experience from the Justice For All campaign, which advocated for greater financing and protection for grassroots justice defenders.

The Latin American School for Community and Legal Activism

The Latin American School for Community and Legal Activism (ELAC) is a regional initiative in Latin America where legal activists can systematize their practical knowledge and nurture emerging leaders, and where students and young practitioners committed to tackling injustices within disadvantaged communities can find greater guidance.

By combining experiential learning with the mentorship of established practitioners, the School will enable upcoming generations of activists to expand the horizons of the region’s legal empowerment efforts.

Legal Empowerment Leadership Course 

Through this course, we are cultivating a global cadre of leaders who are committed to legal empowerment, and who share a common understanding of the field, including history, methodology, and evidence. A faculty of respected practitioners and academics lead course participants in an in-depth exploration of key themes, including the conceptual framework of legal empowerment, community organizing and social movements, and the role of grassroots legal advocates in achieving systemic change. The participatory course design emphasizes peer-to-peer learning through small group work. Stay tuned for details about the next leadership course!

Learning Exchanges


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Opportunities for practical, hands-on learning with practitioners around the world.

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Our network members are generating the deepest, most useful learning on legal empowerment in the history of our field.


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