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Bruce Strom

United States  
Gospel Justice Initiative
Joined September 2017
Interests: Access to Information, Generalist Legal Services
I am an author, speaker and CEO of Gospel Justice Initiative an organization committed to bringing the hope of the gospel and the help of a lawyer to neighbors in need. I am a lawyer and help equip lawyers and others to provide legal aid and access to justice for low-income neighbors.

After graduating from the University of Illinois College of Law I built a large and successful muti-office law practice. But I began recognizing too many people could not afford my services (1 in 3). I believed the U.S. had the best justice system on earth but we fail when that system is not affordable or accessible (65th in the World). In America lawyers make up less than one-half of one percent of population but we control 100% of the access to justice and yet only 32% of lawyers volunteer any hours.

I wrote the book Gospel Justice ( and started Administer Justice and Gospel Justice Initiative to change that story.

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