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Erfaan Hussein Babak

The Awakening
Joined September 2015
Mr. Erfaan Hussein Babak hails from Swat Valley which once remained under the strong hold of the Taliban. He has worked for years to protect and advocate for the rights of girls and women in Malakand Division, engaging with both men and women to dissuade them from marrying off their daughters early.

In 2010, he founded an organization called “The Awakening” to protect girls and women by taking pragmatic steps like protesting, sensitizing and informing the law enforcement agencies, pressurizing the higher officials responsible for protecting human rights and raising awareness on human rights.

Additionally, Babak co- pioneered the first ever women Jirga (Women Council) in the history of Pashtun Society and Pakistan. The All women Jirga was a monumental step in the history of Pakistan.

After this successful step of women jirga he created another platform called GIRLS UNITED FOR HUMAN RIGHTS to amplify the voices of adolescent girls in a leadership role. He was successful in achieving funds for this young girls group to stand on their own feet and raise voices against child marriages.

He has also organized Men & Boys Support Groups in the District as including men and boys in the process is vital to the success of women’s’ rights.

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