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Jonitta Potsane

Equality Rights Africa Organization-ERAO
Joined November 2020
Interests: Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Livelihoods, Right to Information
Jonitta ; Is Transgender Woman living in Namibia , I carry a back ground of 6 years LGBTI human rights activist,GBV campaigner. As a Social Legal Justice Advocate in the Equality Rights Africa Organization (erao) I carry major expertise as observer of serious LGBTI human violation targeting woman and LGBTI People in Africa and hold a denial from state actors. Namibia is has about 1,2 Million population of those 65% classified as middle low income earner . Namibia has also about 55% of LGBTI community across different regions of the country , which most of this LGBTI group is made up of people from most marginalized community back ground which those of LGBTI take up the largest number of accounted people living in extreme poverty . Though Namibia is known as a democracy country ,is still criminalized the same sex relationship that lead to a constant human rights violation of LGBTI People from Society. It's imperative to learn that human rights of those minority known as LGBTI people still at risk within the absent of legal protection with holding justices to gender variant People. and no intervention from state support and sometime no respond . Transgender Community are the most victim in the entire LGBTI movement as this group left without a voice to represent their existence at state level. There's also a huge gap in community to understand human rights of transgender people and the need of being legal protected for their rights as transgender People . Large group of transgender people still find it very hard to access employment opportunity as they 're most likely to be rejected when ever seeking for employment as a result of their body representation . The Namibian law doesn't serve on inclusive of marginalized community of those gender variant back ground and family conflict as most of transgender group still struggling with family rejection . It's against that background that the Equality Rights Africa Organization (ERAO) was birthed to fulfill the UN Free and Equally mission in Africa . The mandate of the organization serve to ensure that state leader in Africa hold accountable to acknowledge gender variant people existence in the law . To ensure State actors do observe the serious human rights violation of gender variant people as emergency response needed from the states .Joining the Legal Empowerment Network It will help me gain power to disrupt the legal system of that doesn't serve in the promise of equally human rights justices .and it also create opportunity gain profound knowledge about legal advocacy ,Human Rights International Networking Partners. As human rights Civil Society Organization that strongly resisting all form human rights Violation it's has become an open gate for collaborate with more international for the Strengthening of the Organization legal sustainability ,community development and Leadership ,Capacity Building within a diverse network of human rights Advocates.

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