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Shahanur Islam

Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights
Joined August 2018
Interests: Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Right to Information
Advocate Shahanur Islam (Saikot), fully dedicated for the well being of the victim of violation, especially for ethnic, religious, political and sexually minority people as well as torture, extrajudicial killing, involuntary disappearance and organized violence in Bangladesh through providing support of lodging the suit against the perpetrators in pro bono basis.

I am also engaged to document the incident of human rights violation through conduct the fact finding investigation visiting the spot as well as issue urgent appeal/ action to make sensitise to the concerned authority regarding the specific human rights violation as well as issue press release and press statement.

I attended different capacity building training programme on health, human rights, legal rights and legal proceeding in national and international level. I also attend different seminar, meeting, and workshop in country and abroad.

My approach to legal aid is a community-centered: I work with different grassroots organizations, including peasant and farmer groups, industrial labourers and factory workers, small fishermen, women, children, minorities, urban poor and rural journalists. In its casework, I assist in cases of cruelty to women, children, minorities, torture, organized violence and gross violation of human rights. My programs and services include: (i) Legal Research: compiling, systematizing and monitoring laws, policies, pronouncements and other official acts which fall within my areas of concern; (ii) a Paralegal Training Programme; (iii) Legislative and Policy Reforms: helping grassroots organizations formulate and draft position papers, propose legislation and implement guidelines and bringing them to the attention of appropriate government authorities; (iv) Press-Pressure and Urgent Action: which involves generating publicity in different media about incidents of human rights violations, and letters of appeal to relevant agencies; (v) Fact-Finding missions to document human rights violations; and (vi) Legal Literacy: publication of handbooks and a training manual on human rights.

Legal Assistance:

I provide legal assistance being sympathetic and perceiving feelings by legal counseling and direct legal aid through releasing bay bail, file case against perpetrators, Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and. It’s target group the people who don not have access to justice due to their poor economic condition and lack of knowledge.

Direct Legal Aid:

The direct law support to victims is one of the important visible and sustainable activities by releasing the victims from jail/custody, filing case against perpetrators and also Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to promote and protect human rights of the people. I provides direct legal aid to file case against Law Enforcing Agencies (LEA).

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