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Justine Toroitich Kurui

Africa Alliance for Health, Research...
Joined July 2016
Interests: Environmental Justice, Livelihoods
I count myself peoples advocate promote social and economic Justice, Accountability processes that is equitable, all inclusive for sustainable development.

My great desire is strong communities and protection of vulnerable groups interests in society and that I choose to call for good government policies and fair resource allocation in a growing complex and confusing world. Advocacy and Civic education is important in this function.
Therefore my interest is mobilizing people and communities to influence their course of action from within- personal troubles and public issues.
I have started that Journey and networks such as this will increase my momentum as the President and CEO of Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development (AAHRED) ,It is critical in the quality programming in human rights and development projects looking at equity, Justice and sustainable development.

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