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Abdullahi Ibrahim

No Box Initiative
Joined January 2021
Interests: Access to Information, Education, Governance
A Geospatial Analyst with a strong bias for Inclusive Education with over 5 years experience who helps design and lead education and geospatial sector solutions in corporate organizations, non-profits and social enterprises. He also train actors in the development space to help develop and scale sustainable projects. With experiences from education, training, and service, he helps in programmes management and design sprints to identify the gaps that restrict actors in achieving the vision.

Key competencies;
- Program Design
- Team Leadership
- Geospatial Analysis
- Project Management
- Teacher Training Initiatives
- Education Program Initiatives
- Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
- Academic and Non-Academic Research

His professional goal at this time is to solve problems in the education – geospatial space, help project leaders identify gaps and bridge them, develop solutions through design sprints and effectuation.

His actions and strong bias for inclusive development paved way for the Teaching Without The Box Project at No Box Initiative to be nominated by Teach For Nigeria for the Be The Change project of the year 2020 – and Educator of the year by The Institute of Human Resources. He also came first place in the Teach For Nigeria Pitch contest and won the grand prize, a seed funding of 1 Million Naira to scale the Teaching Without The Box Project at No Box Initiative.

Mr Abdullahi is open to learning and has some great ideas and skills that can better systems and service delivery - at an appropriate time.

Please contact [email protected] to report outdated information or to ask a question about this profile.