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Aimee Ongeso

Joined September 2012
I am Namati Senior Global Network Officer, based in Nairobi. I will be leading the Network’s efforts to build a stronger community, expand learning initiatives, and advance Namati's collective advocacy aims, both in Africa and beyond.

I have spent more than nine years working with communities in Kenya, promoting their active participation in pro-poor policies and laws, including the country’s landmark Legal Aid Act. I am experienced in conducting outreach and advocacy that connects communities with legislative reform processes, public interest litigation cases, and legal aid services.

By joining this network I hope to learn more about global empowerment initiatives.

I am a moderator on the forum. In this role I will:
- encourage organisations in the region to join the network and for those who are already in the
network - to become more active
- encourage the regional anchor to include forum participation as part of their key activities
- encourage lead organisations in the region to lead on activities such as community calls
- aim to organise a webinar

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