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Atika Yuanita Paraswaty

SUAKA – The Indonesian Civil...
Joined June 2022
Interests: Community Paralegals, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law, Policy Advocacy, Refugees & Migrant Rights
Atika Yuanita Paraswaty currently serves as Chairperson of SUAKA (Indonesian Civil Society Association for Refugee Rights Protection). She has been involved in work related to refugees since 2011 as a legal advisor and co-founder of SUAKA. She is engaged in work at SUAKA, providing legal advice and assistance, engaging in advocacy and networking, and planning the organization's work agenda. Consultation and legal aid provided related to RSD and Domestic Law. She has also worked at the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute, Arus Pelangi, and a law firm. She has gained experience in providing legal aid and advocacy since there.

Regarding legal empowerment, she is co-writer of the module, co-facilitator in organizing community-based refugee paralegal training, and co-author of a pocket book for community-based refugee paralegals. SUAKA has held two basic training sessions for refugees in Indonesia. It is hoped that they will understand human rights and Indonesian law to advocate for themselves and their communities when facing legal problems.

She has earned a bachelor's degree at Trisakti University, majoring in procedure law, and earned a master's degree at the University of Indonesia, majoring in Law and Criminal Justice System. In addition, she is a licensed attorney with experience in legal advocacy, both in litigation and non-litigation and policy advocacy. The focus issues she studied were Criminal Law, Refugee Law; Procedural Law; Human Rights Law.

Atika is very interested in joining the network because she wants to know and exchange knowledge and experience with the network regarding legal empowerment, especially for refugees.

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