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Daniel Olu-Jones

Sierra Leone  
Joined October 2022
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Community Organizing, Community Paralegals, Environmental Justice
I am a hardworking, honest, and dedicated gentleman with integrity and focus to bring out desired results. I have always found pleasure in working in the various stakeholders in my line of duty, with respect for all manner of persons, and the views expressed by my colleagues and superiors. My ability to interact is exceptional especially in the discharge of my official duties. I strongly believe in following appropriate channels of instruction, communication, and reporting. I am intelligent, purposeful, honest, dedicated to duty, articulate, and a good listener. I work as a Legal Empowerment Advocate/Paralegal carrying out the following:
- Addressing justice related issues affecting the Poor, Marginalized and Disadvantaged individuals and communities through mediation, Human rights education, Advocacy, Navigating authorities, and community dialogue meetings.
- Organizing community members to take collective a positive action on matters affecting their communities.
- Liaise with private and public institutions including Government institutions and NGOs to empower communities for national economic development.
- Educating community members on civil rights and responsibilities, legal rights and procedures.
- Guide community members in the use and understanding of the Customary and Formal legal system.
- Providing limited defense services such as tracking and ensuring attendance of witnesses and sureties to court.
- Facilitating links between courts, other governmental institutions, and local communities to help developed a strong relationship among them in furtherance of the organization’s objectives.
- Monitoring official’s compliance with client’s Human rights during and after disputes.
- Liaising with management staff and Lead Paralegals.
- Referring cases meeting certain pre-established criteria for further litigation by Timap or pro bono lawyers.
- Providing support to the Director(s) or appointees in the design and implementation of any project.
- Collecting data, office management and other functions as may be required by the organization.
- Writing monthly reports; computerized or hand written as required.
- Do other legitimate tasks as may be assigned form time-to-time.
- Participate in the annual Goals setting, and program budget preparation.
I am looking forward to learning new ideas from different teams in the worldwide globe

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