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Immaculata Casimero

South Rupununi District Council
Joined April 2021
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Women's Rights
I am Immaculata Casimero, 39 years of age, an indigenous woman, who belongs to the Wapichan nation in Guyana. Presently, I am employed as the communications officer with the South Rupununi District Council (SRDC) a local Indigenous Organisation that represents 21 communities within the Wapichan territory. Besides my job; I hold the positions as; chairperson of the Aishara Toon Women's Association (AWA), a community based organization which comprises of 15 women in the Wapichan village of Aishalton; and the Aishalton Primary School feeding programme which provides hot heals on a daily basis to over 177 students. My journey as a village leader began in 2015 when I was elected as a village councillor where I served voluntarily as the secretary of the Aishalton Village Council for 3 years.
In January of 2020, I helped to organise the first Rupununi Indigenous Women’s Conference which brought together over eighty women to discuss and focus on gender, leadership, environmental issues and empowerment. I am also the founder of Wapichan Women’s Movement (WWM) which is the women’ s arm of the South Rupununi District Council. The Wapichan Women’s Movement aims to improving women's livelihood through collective action, entrepreneurship and empowerment.
Working with my people over the years have made me aware of the concerns, issues and struggles of my people, especially as it relates to mining activities that are being carried on our traditional lands without our free, prior, and informed consent; which is causing devastating impacts on the environment ,and are contributing to climate change, social and health issues.
By joining this network I look forward to learning all I can from other organizations, forming new alliances, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with them.

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