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Jasminka Friscik

ESE Association for Emancipation,...
Joined March 2012
Interests: Health
Jasminka Frishchikj, Executive director of Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of women, Republic of North Macedonia. Jasminka is part of the team of ESE since 1996. Jasminka holds the position of Executive director of ESE since 1998, where previously she worked as coordinator of the legal program. She graduated from the Faculty of Law “Justinian Primus” in Skopje. Being the Executive director of ESE, Jasminka works in several areas, such as: engaging citizen in the processes on planning, implementation and evaluation of legal regulations, budgets and services; capacity building of CSO’s and respective governmental institution to engage citizen in these processes; improving the health status of women and Roma; improving the access to labour active measures for women; ensuring equal access to justice through capacity building of CSO’s in introducing alternative mechanisms for provision of legal assistance and support; enabling access to justice to poor and vulnerable, especially Roma and women that suffered domestic violence; collecting people - centered justice data in order to facilitate the access to justice; preparation of functional analysis of Public prosecutor Offices, Appellate Courts and Supreme Court from gender perspective; promotion of fiscal transparency of the public institutions and raising the level of awareness; Monitoring of the transparency, accountability and effectiveness of the independent bodies such as Commission for protection against Discrimination etc.

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