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Lessons from the Field: ‘Visioning’ as a Foundation for Community Land Protection

Hilda Alupo Makmot, Jeremy Akin, Robert Ojok, Priscilla Aling, Robins Odur, David James Arach, Phineas Kyotasobora

Until recently, staff at the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU), would start a community land protection process with conflict resolution. However, they found that focusing on contentious internal land disputes tended to exacerbate internal discord and even impede the community land protection process. This Lesson from the Field describes how LEMU went back to the drawing board to develop an innovative solution:...

Lessons from the Field: Responses to Encroachment

Priscilla Aling, Jeremy Akin, Judy Adoko, David Arach, Phinehas Kyotasobora, Hilda Makmot, Robert Ojok, Robinson Odur

Community land protection efforts must often confront cases of encroachment, where individuals have claimed part of community land as their own private property. Namati and the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU) have witnessed this in many communities in northern Uganda, where encroachment disputes often threaten to undermine or stall community land protection efforts. Over the past five years, LEMU has developed ways...

Uganda Community Guide: How to Protect Your Community’s Lands & Resources

Judy Adoko, Teresa Auma Eilu, Jeremy Akin, Jaron Vogelsang, Rachael Knight

An example of an adaptation of the community land protection approach from Uganda. This guide from the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda and Namati presents a step-by-step process for communities to secure stronger legal protections for common grazing lands and improve local land governance, within the social and legal context of Northern Uganda.