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Joselyn Nakyeyune

Center for Health Human Rights and...
Joined March 2021
Interests: Gender-based violence
Joselyn Nakyeyune, is an Executive Assistant working with the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) since 2018. CEHURD is a non-profit, research and advocacy organization which is pioneering the justiciability of the right to health. Founded in 2010, we contribute to deconstructing health and human rights and use the law, policy engagements, evidence-based advocacy and mobilizing communities as the major entry points that informs our interventions at national level and in over 16 Districts of Uganda. We use various approaches in our work one of which is the Legal Empowerment and Social Accountability approach as way of empowering citizens on their rights and duty bearers on their mandate as way of advancinga access to the right to health in Uganda. Under this network, I hope to acquire more knowledge on the use of the Legal Empowerment approach especially among the most vulnerable groups. On the otehr hand, I hope that this will be an opportunity for cross-country learning.

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