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Larissa Santos

Joined December 2016
Interests: Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
I'm a criminal lawyer and volunteer at the non-governmental organization TETO (TECHO Brazil) since 2013. I've always believed that my knowledge should be useful to the society, since I only have it because, fortunately, my parents gave me the opportunity to study. I believe that law can be a powerful tool against those who does not respect human rights and also against poverty and plenty of others undeveloped countries problems. Law should be known by the society and not only by a selected group of people, as it is now, and that is something I’ve always try to fight for. I work at a law office specialized in white collar crimes but since I've started there we began to represent a few pro bono cases. Those cases are my tool to make my knowledge useful to the society and TECHO is my tool to make myself useful to the society where I live in. I graduated in law school in December 2013 and been working with criminal law since 2009, when I began as an intern. I lived in Canada, France and Spain and can speak English and Spanish fluently and french advanced. I also volunteered at the non-governmental organization Instituto Adus, in 2015, that helps refugees out. I have an specialization in criminal law and another one in compliance. Everythig related to those areas or related to making the world a better and fair place to live interests me.

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