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Paul Lekapana

Joined November 2020
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Education, Environmental Justice, Livelihoods
I come from an indigenous fishing community called El-molo living on South Eastern shores of lake Turkana. It is the tiniest community in terms of human population numbering only 879 individuals. This community is highly marginalized and lacks a political representation making it highly discriminated and excluded from several developmental activities spearheaded by the government at both the national and county levels. This unprecedented level of marginalization has left this community to continue languishing in poverty and impoverishment. Having mentioned that, allow me to tell you about myself. My name is Paul Lekapana from the El-molo people. I am an environment science and policy specialist having earned both undergraduate and masters degrees in environmental science and policy respectively. I also posses deep knowledge and experience in programs management. I currently work with a small organization called Gurapau. This organization works to promote socioeconomic and cultural aspects of the El-molo people. Its main focus being to alleviate poverty levels in this community and promote self-determination and identification through revival of diminishing cultural aspects of the community. I spearhead implementation of programs in this Organization. My main reason of joining the network is to look for people and organizations that can support this community to realize its aspirations for socioeconomic development and rights to education, health and food. This community is also in dire support for its community land to be registered as a paramount priority. I am happy to stumble upon this network and I hope my community concerns will be heard and be acted upon by people and organizations of good will.

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