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Lucy Wambui

Health options for young men...
Joined August 2017
Interests: Right to Information
My name is lucy, i am 27 years only and currently working as a lawyer at the Hoymas center. I am a human rights activist, i fight for the rights of Gay men, Men who have sex with men(MSM)and (MSW). I developed a key interest on human rights particularly the rights of gays and male sex workers when i discovered that my younger brother was gay. There is a lot of stigma and judgmental attitude associated with being gay, i am the only person who understands him in our family, that's when i realize that i had a special calling. I am committed and very passionate about what i do . Working with Hoymas has enable me to understand some of the challenges MSM& MSW face especially in the field of health,, security and access to justice. I am looking to network and be able to share experience with other human rights defenders from other countries, to enrich my knowledge and to be better placed to fight for the rights of gay men,MSM & MSW in our organization as well as Kenya as a whole.

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