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Hafiz Malik Zubair Zahoor

Society for Human Empowerment and Rural... (Unverified)
Joined February 2022
Interests: Children's Rights, Disability Rights, Education, Financial Sustainability & Fundraising, Gender-based violence, Other, Right to Information, Women's Rights
I'm Hafiz Malik Zubair Zahoor from Khushab, Pakistan. I'm working with AAWAZ-II project which non-governmental organization ownerd by SHER(Society for Human empowerment and Rural Development). I'm working in this project from Dec 2020 as a Outreach Officer. We are working on our thematic areas like
1. Child laboring
2. Early and force marriages
3.Social cohesion
4. Gender base volince
5. Conflict pre-emptions
6. Women rights
7. Minority rights
8. PWD's rights
We are conducting awareness sessions in community and take actions for solving the problems first of all at village level. As well as I'm also working as a senior coordinator and Mathematics teacher in a school (Tameer e Millat Model High School, Mitha Tiwana) which is a affiliated by PEF(Punjab Education Foundation). I'm employee of SHER and PEF while I'm self-employed of my own institute SCIENTA VISION ACADEMY located at Jauharabad. In which orphan children study free of cost and other children with very low fee. Our aim to convert Pakistan from World-3 to World -1. So In my academy I teaches school syllabus but main focus on Advanced level of study. For example:. How to enjoy victory and how to face loss? How to make joyful life and how to face trouble of life? How to live with wife and how to live in divorced life because it is also a part of our society.
And also we teach our students about How to earn with no high level degrees because we take degrees for Good Job and handsome salary but many students not have enough facilities to complete their studies but they want to be a successful man in society. So,we also teach them about RICH DAD AND POOR DAD , active income and passive income. Which profession you have to choose. (i). Working as Employee. (ii). Working as Self-employed. (iii). Make your own Business. Or (iv) Invest in any business if you can but with full experience.

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