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Manish Agarwal

Joined May 2016
Interests: Livelihoods
I am generally interested in all the topics, domains, issues; related to human endeavour, development, empowerment as an intellectual, an aware and intelligent human being (homo sapiens) & a global citizen or may I say a netizen. I am a middle class person and believes that a few privileged class people in this world have amassed all the wealth and have also grabbed all the power and are ruling, dominating, dictating the terms to the rest of the people who are not so privileged in terms of both money & power. I have varied multiple interests and don't limit myself to just a few topics but am concerned with all aspects of human development & empowerment in a holistic integrated manner. Though I am physically a citizen of India but through the means of technology, internet and information explosion, I feel that I am somehow connected to each and every human being in this world. I want the truth to prevail and the human spirit to triumph in these difficult period of human evolution, where the few powerful rich privileged class people have combined, collaborated to monopolize the resources, wealth, power to rule over the remaining 90% of people namely the middle & the lower class. I want to break this unbalance and make everybody equal and share the fruits of development in an equitable manner for sustainable environment friendly development (also for the sake of future generations, so that they can inherit a better world from us) and for removing all the various kinds of conflicts and divisions in this world, which are all man made to serve the ill vested interests of few dictators. I also really believe in women female empowerment and want to unlock this so far untapped unlimited potential in half of human population, which if unlocked, freed, truly liberated, would make the lives of all the people including menfolk/males/man, change for the better in a substantial differentiated manner. I truly believe in the ancient Indian philosophy of "Vasudheva Kutumbhakam" (in Sanskrit) meaning "The whole world is but one family".

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