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Mohamed Ahmed Said

United Nations Development Programme... (Unverified)
Joined February 2020
Interests: Access to Information, Criminal Justice, Generalist Legal Services, Governance, Peace-building, Traditional / Customary Justice
Mohamed born and raised in Somalia, holder of bachelor degree of law and master of international law and human rights from university for peace, completed various training courses related on human rights and conflict resolution, interested in rule of law, justice, human rights, governance, and peacebuilding, with the more than five years of experience in the volatile and displaced contexts, worked with NRC as legal assistance officer, then international rescue committee as justice project manager. later joined UNDP as a legal aid expert in Somalia with the overall role of managing and implementing the legal aid component of the joint Justice program. throughout my career was focusing on legal aid and justice services to the vulnerable and poor people. my recent work focuses on the delivery of legal aid by the Government institutions and civil society actors, engaged constantly with legal laid partners of UNDP for the technical expertise, capacity building, and reporting. within my capacity at UNDP, I work closely with the government on the finalization of the legal aid bill and establishment of a legal aid board that will manage the legal aid scheme of the country. as a legal aid expert, I am currently helping UNDP to expend the service of paralegals in the legal aid delivery, especially to the remote areas. the recognition of work of paralegal requires a different level of effort from government, UN agencies and community at all. from this perspective, UNDP will support understanding of paralegals at the grassroots level then accreditation and capacity building of paralegals in the delivery of legal aid. in moving forward, I had the opportunity to work with David Mason a father of legal aid in Africa in his visit to Somalia recently. I was following with David in his visits to the field missions and we were managed to revive the understanding of legal and how will be better to advance the role of paralegals. I am interested to join this dynamic network where I can share different experiences and exchange views towards the understanding of community paralegals. I would like to see how my country Somalia is similar or different to other countries in Africa especially Malawi when it comes to paralegals system of work. also, I would like to attend forums and conferences that offer by this network where will be exposure to be networked with different backgrounds in Africa. I was looking for joining this network to gain resources and share different researches towards the paralegals' work and legal aid services at all. on another hand, I would like to see if there is capacity building opportunity for legal aid practitione offered by this network where I can benefit and share different pieces of knowledge towards paralegal services. where the global becoming more connected professionally, my ultimate goal of joining this platform is to be engaged and networked with different expertise and practitioners in the field & that will enable me well-informed.

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