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Naiyana Thanawattho

Asylum Access Thailand
Joined April 2021
Interests: Policy Advocacy
I joined Asylum Access Thailand (AAT) since January 2019 as Executive Director. My expertise is in human rights, refugee issues, child rights, child protection, emergency response and M&E, My overall work at AAT is as follows:
Oversee operations, programming, and policy advocacy at Asylum Access in Thailand with 17 staff members and 6 volunteers. Ensure good quality legal services, community legal empowerment programming for urban refugee population from over 45 countries around the world. Advocate for policy and legal framework changes for refugees to have legal status that will enable them to live safely, move freely, attend school, work, and rebuild their lives.

Actively contribute to the promotion of the human rights for refugees by joining key networks such as the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN), Immigration Detention Thematic Working Group of the Global Compact for Migration (GCM), and CRSP. Meanwhile, also increase the visibility of Asylum Access Thailand in different arenas at national, regional and global level.

Through the role of CRSP Coordinator, lead the Coalition which is the main coalition working to promote rights to protection of urban refugees in Thailand, in its advocacy work. Develop policy strategies, work plan and monitoring plan for CRSP focusing on the implementation of the National Screening Mechanism and the community-based alternatives to detention for children and family.

Big part of AAT work is on legal empowerment. We work with a team of paralegal who are refugees from different communities in Bangkok, coming from 15 different countries. We provide them with knowledge on basic and relevant Thai law that will enable refugees to at least live safely in Thai society despite their illegal status. The paralegals assist AAT in linking us with the community members in need of legal protection. We present these issues as evidence to change law and policy in Thailand to enable refugees to be able to live safely, move freely, work, go to school, and get basic health care. Joining the course, I hope, will enable me to improve our legal empowerment program and collect more evidence to advocate for systematic changes at the national and global level.

Before joining AAT, I worked with Save the Children, UNHCR and Unicef.

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