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Joel Alex Olang

Urban Art for Hope
Joined July 2019
Interests: Gender-based violence, Health, Women's Rights
Joel Alex Olang is a philanthropist of your people and Adolescents did Bachelors of Art in International Relations and Diplomacy with IT Maseno University, founder of UAFH and on architect of positive change. He stands alongside the Organizations Board of Directors as their trusted Executive and together they chart their way forward in the transformation of communities lives for the better prior, he has been involved in sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights issues in the non-profit world. He realized that the gap in meeting the needs of long people and Adolescent was so immense and extra passionate effort in closing this gap would do much good in marking the world a better place by improving the target population of the Organizations lifestyle.
The Act and Hope element came about through his decade of involvement in the modeling and ambassadorial work, doing pro-bono services in giving back in the society and instilling hope to them through empowerment of their society and socio-economic facts. He has always felt a probound need to help our people and adolescents cope with their residential health and Socio-economic issues eventually importing their lives and of the communities the hailed from having met his Co-founder during the execution of duties days at one of his former workstations it happened she also inhabited the same philanthropic respective especially on Adolescent Girls and young women. They therefore decided to do something more in closing the gap represented by the SRHR needs of these group of people they were so passionate about. The two thus put their relevant network of people and resources and urban Art .
My major roles are:
Boards and Governance
Ethics & Accountability
Financial Management
Representing the Organization;
•The highest Quality people and community content primary Heath Care.
We commit to continuous improvement in the quality of services and programs with all efforts oriented to meet the specific needs of our target population being served.
•Health Equity and social Justice.
We design services and programs to reduce health disparities and inequalities.
We also advocate for healthier public policy and against unfair practices that harm people health.
•Community vitality and belonging
We partner with community members to build safe and caring communities where everyone in our target population feels a sense of belonging.
•We believe that health is a resource for energy life and not just the absence of illness.
•We believe that the health of our target population is determined by peace, Shelter, Education, Income, Food, Environment, social Justice, Equity & and Access to Meaningful Health Care Services.
•We believe that in order to reach a state of complete physical, mental & Social well-being we all must be given the chance to realize our dreams meet our needs and cope up with the change of our target populations environment.

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