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Rinki Jagawat

My Choices Foundation (Unverified)
Joined August 2019
Interests: Education, Gender-based violence, Women's Rights
In the last 5 years after quitting my corporate work life to pursue an education and a career in social work, I have volunteered in flood relief, organized workshops for children with special needs, handled cases on transgender issues, mental health issues, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence. It has been an introspective journey to find out which of these causes I am most passionate about. While I have found satisfaction in working with various marginalized communities, none of the experiences has been as moving as working on gender equality. As a girl growing up in India, I have observed discrimination of varying severity within our patriarchal culture norms - we are a nation of many beautiful yet some destructive traditions. As a woman working in the social sector, I have witnessed many stories of people experiencing discrimination due to their gender or sexual orientation. Status, power, poverty, and illiteracy have caused immense discrimination and yet these issues are often treated as inessential to deal with. Recently, my primary interest has been working on gender roles and norms in India, an area in which I want to pour my heart and soul towards bringing a change and making an impact. Any day I have spent empowering young minds to take action and make a paradigm shift in the way they have been taught to think of themselves (either superior or inferior to the other gender), or a day spent in sensitizing people towards sexual violence and its destructive impact is a day well spent.
As a Program Coordinator/Social Worker of the ‘My Choices Foundation’, I have been privileged to serve my community via multiple roles in Hyderabad:
I am the first point of contact for all the emergency calls on our organization’s helpline for domestic violence and sexual abuse. In this role, I have worked on listening to the callers’ issues, empathize with them, provide initial counseling catering to the emergency and transitioning the case to a counselor.
I deliver awareness sessions on topics like violence against women, domestic violence, dating violence, cybercrime, human trafficking, and laws on them. My audience has been high schools and colleges not only in the impoverished suburbs of the city but also in urban corporates.
These sessions have led me to several cases where a woman or a child is distressed. I assist these victims of violence, rape or abuse by providing them psycho-social support, assist in medical support, assist in legal support, moving them to a residential home and rehabilitation with follow-ups over time. In an initiative “Anokhi (Unique)”,
I build educational modules for adolescent girls on gender and patriarchy, dating violence, domestic violence, violence against women, Policies and Act for Women, etc.
I hope to gain knowledge about various global issues: how similar and disparate they are from ours and inspired by success stories of how other people have overcome such issues and work together to make a Bigger Impact.

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