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Abdullah Titir

Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust...
Joined April 2021
Interests: Gender-based violence, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights
I am a non-practising Barrister, currently working as a researcher in Bangladesh, specialising in the field of gender and sexuality, and working to coordinate, support and catalyse advocacy initiatives and public interest litigation around the reform of discriminatory laws addressing sexual and gender-based violence, and the inclusive legal recognition of protection of the rights of gender and sexual diverse communities in Bangladesh. I am currently employed as a Research Specialist at the Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST), the largest non-governmental legal services organisation in Bangladesh providing free legal advice, mediation and litigation support to individuals in poor and marginalised communities. It also undertakes research, advocacy and public interest litigation to ensure effective legal protection of rights, and implements a number of core programmes to legally empower people and communities across the country. As part of my work at BLAST, I focus particularly on building dialogue with young people in universities on issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and am involved closely in initiatives to build the capacity of gender diverse community members through legal empowerment and education, research and advocacy on issues of equality, gender and diversity, and sexual and gender-based violence, and addressing discrimination through advocating for reforms in legislation and policies. In joining the network, I hope to connect with other human rights advocates and human rights defenders working with communities all over the globe, to exchange experiences and build resources, and to learn from challenges and best practices in building movements and taking forward community-based activism.

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