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Titus Zeogar

Community Rights Support Facility (CRSF)
Joined March 2021
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Women's Rights
Synopsis of family background
My name is Titus Zeogar. I was born on September 15, 1964 in Bobo Town, River Cess County, Liberia when my father who was a farmer and hunter migrated from Grand Bassa County into River Cess County for greener pasture. There I was born unto the union of Madam Foto Gardea who is a daughter of the village and David Jadee Zeogar. I am the first of six children, two boys and four girls; four of whom predeceased our father before he passed on March 13, 2001 in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County and was laid to rest beside his father’s grave in his home town which destroyed by the war. They both are Liberian natural born citizens and of the Bassa Tribe. Bobo Town is a totally forest dependent community where the people lived communally. The people survived on subsistence forming and hunting up to about a hundred and fifty years or more before I was born. It is in that village that I along with other kids as young as ten years learn to work in groups with older men who were family people including my father. We also went on hunting spreads for weeks into the dense forest using Single Barrel Guns and setting of trap for animals. The groups of hunters in the town would sit for several days and hours to sketch up the forest during the planning for the hunting spreads. The available hunters for that hunting season will than divide themselves into different teams and choose a portion of the forest where they will hunt for the year. Some hunters who have skills in fish hunting would choose to camp besides rivers using nets and hooks to catch fish at night during the hunting expeditions.

Liberia had gained independence more than one hundred and twenty six years, but not a school had been erected by the Government of Liberia in that region in River Cess which is located in the Central South Eastern part of the country. So than in 1974, my father than a Dedicated Christian Village Preacher with the desire for the education for the kids in the surrounding towns and villages, manage and brought into the village, a disable Junior High School dropout from Monrovia. So, I along with several kids started school under the supervision of Mr. Harrison Borbor Jacobs. As it was announced that the World Wide Mission Church would start an elementary school, all of the towns and villages saw that as a relief for the cluster of villages and towns. Some of the pupils from Bobo Town and other towns and villages had had some of their children who usually come for vacation teach them in their villages to say the ABC and some were able to read some beginning primers. At the start of the school year which was usually in March every year, we entered school into a church building where I started to read and write the English Alphabet. About one hundred and ten village kids were enrolled seven of which were females including two of my sisters. During that period, educating a girl child was never a priority or a right. Teacher

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