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Network Member Interviews

  • Namati and the Global Legal Empowerment Network are gathering interviews to help build awareness and support for justice issues and legal empowerment. The interviews we collect may be used on Namati’s website, social media channels, and elsewhere on the internet; distributed to newspapers and broadcasters; used in publications; and incorporated into other materials made by Namati.

    Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability, using specific and concrete examples or suggestions when able. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this interview, please do not hesitate to email
    Full consent statement (important for compelling impact stories): “Namati (and the network) are gathering interviews to help build awareness of justice issues and legal empowerment, and to build support for the work our organization and partners are doing. The interviews we collect may be used on Namati’s website and social media channels and elsewhere on the internet; distributed to newspapers and broadcasters; used in publications; and incorporated into other materials made by Namati. Do you confirm that you give permission for us to use any interview you have given for these purposes. Thank you kindly for your cooperation.”
  • Possible follow up questions:
    *Do you feel you could discuss problems you are having with members of the network?
    *Do you feel our community has been successful in meeting the needs of members?
  • Guiding questions:
    *Who have you connected with and where?
    *What have you done together?
    *Have you shared any learning and information or was it casual?
  • Guiding questions:
    *What ways could we make member interactions more meaningful, or more useful and relevant?
    *How can we be more service oriented to you and your colleagues?
  • Guiding notes:
    *Try to touch on all of the following 3 categories of improvements and offer 1,2,3 or 4 in the response: 1) through learning of knowledge or skills, 2) improving effectiveness of your work, or the depth or scale of the impact of your work, 3) mobilizing support by raising visibility, increasing political support, or improving financial sustainability, or 4) No, the network has not helped our organization improve our work.
    *Be sure to encourage honesty if the network did not improve their work.
    *Be sure to emphasize organizational improvements.

    [Part 2: Primary follow up question] If the network has helped your organization, please tell us how. Describe the specific resource, event, or opportunity you found useful, and how it helped your organization.

    Guiding questions:
    *Are there challenges you face in your legal empowerment work that made you want to join the network or attend a learning exchange or leadership course?
    *How has the network helped you address those challenges? Ideas, strategies, connections, resources?
    *What specific changes have you made in your work as a result of joining the network? What are the results?
    *Reference specific examples for more detail, e.g. changed a practice, used or adopted a resource, changed thinking about program design or approach, enhanced research, etc.
  • Activity specific questions (choose 1-2 maximum)

    These questions are intended to be contextual based on the activity and engagement of the member being interviewed.
  • 1) Is there anything your organization is working on/planning that support the goals of the campaign?
    2) Is there anything your organization is currently working/planning that the global campaign could help amplify or support?
    3) How would you like to be more actively involved in the campaign
    4) What are some ways the Network team could support members' engagement in the campaign?
  • If the member has been involved in an in-person event and has a story of impact to tell, ask them the follow up questions in Q5 above, ask them if they would mind us contacting them again for more details or photos, and gain consent of the full consent statement above (and make note of this here).
  • Follow up via email with spotlight questions.
  • Additional notes, comments or questions

  • Please list interviewer's name, follow up items, or general comments here.