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Action For community Matters (ACOMA)

Monrovia, Liberia
Joined May 2018
Presence in: Liberia
Focus: Economic Empowerment

Action for Community Matters (ACOMA) is involved into poverty reduction strategy within Liberia and that is empowerment women, we give out loan to poor women, business men and also farmers. we teaches women how to do business and also saving while they are doing business and we also help community to clean their dwelling places, safe hygiene, and we also monitor  the loan given to those women and we manage their saving until they can safe for themselves. we also give loan to the Cripples and also monitor their business until it grow and then we leave them with their business. Action for Community matters has been in contact with lot of community and also into villages we go there to empowered women, we give them back their pride and sent them to school , they go back to school learn how to read and write and give them a true meaning of themselves.

ACOMA is there to advocate with for women right, we do domestic violence and tell them to speak out and not keep silence. ACOMA operate in almost all the Counties in Liberia and we have women that have stores,  now we have women traveling the world to buy and sell goods. we also have our scholarship form for children of those women that don’t have money to sent their kids to school and especially single mother. right now we also investing into Agriculture, those women that are involving into farming, we also help buy seeds and give them to farm and monitor the farming unto it is harvest and

People Associated With This Organization

Adeline M Potter

Action For community Matters (ACOMA)
Joined May 2018
Interests: Economic Empowerment
I am Adeline Mardea Potter from Liberia, I am a graduate of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in Liberia where I study Sociology major and minor in Mass Communications and I also hold a Associate degree in Secretary science. I have with both government and Non-governmental Organization. I have with two difference law firms and NGO's. with Foundation for Women we doing economics empowerment, we teaches women how do business especially and we give them voices. we do Agriculture, we empower famers and we teach communities. I am looking for more knowledge to help my community and my Country at large. I am looking forward in learning new things to bring to my organization, like the legal aspect of my Community lands dispute and how lesson that will bring peace into my community again. I am looking and eager to learn, listen and contribute to this noble organization and ayway you guys want to sent me I be 100% to go because knowledge is never a waste. I am here waiting for re
Adeline M Potter is the network champion (main point of contact) for Action For community Matters (ACOMA).

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