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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Joined August 2021

Action4Justice is a global civil society platform with projects in Mexico and Nigeria. It seeks to build capacity, redistribute legal knowledge and create partnerships between legal activists.

Presence in: Mexico, Nigeria, United Kingdom
Focus: Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Other, Right to Information, Women's Rights

Legal action can be a powerful tool in upholding human rights, protecting our environment, and holding power to account. But legal action is generally out of reach to the vast majority of people who need it most. This is because:

  • Law is complex and can be difficult to understand
  • There can be legal and procedural barrier
  • There can be practical difficulties in using legal action (e.g. costs, time, security threats)
  • People often don’t know what they’re rights are and how they can be enforced

Most people suffering from injustice do not have access to justice. The potential for legal action to tackle a wide range of problems remains untapped. Action4Justice was created out of a desire to change this reality.

There is a need to equip civil society organisations, legal practitioners and communities with the tools to identify and exploit opportunities to take legal action in furtherance of social justice.

To do so, Action4Justice decided to create a platform to enable civil society organisations, practitioners and communities to access information about their rights and how to enforce them. The aim is to provide those in need with simple, practical and accessible resources to understand when and how legal action can be used to solve problems, deliver systemic change, and in doing so, reinforce the rule of law.

While there are many existing websites devoted to accessing legislation and case law, our research showed that few provided know-how on the practical aspects of access to justice. Those that do are confined to narrow areas of law, rather than providing users with information about the range of options open to them.

We are focusing on producing interactive materials, creating networks and dissemination workshops on how to legally protect human rights and the environment which are of universal use, as well as specific and tailored projects in Nigeria and Mexico.

People Associated With This Organization

Eliana Barrera

United Kingdom  
Joined August 2021
Interests: Environmental Justice, Women's Rights
I am the Action4Justice Coordinator, an organisation with a mission to equip individuals and communities with the practical information needed to help them uphold their human rights and protect their environment through legal action. As a member of Action4Justice I am keen to learn about local needs and realities as well as understand which legal interventions would be of most use in the Global South. Part of the Action4Justice mission is to also build networks between international experts and local experts to come together in finding innovative and useful legal interventions to uphold human rights and take care of the environment.

Mrutyunjaya Datta

Action4Justice (Unverified)
Joined March 2022
Interests: Women's Rights
I have to work in women's rights in the social life and give the respect and justice if every woman .
Eliana Barrera is the network champion (main point of contact) for Action4Justice.

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