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Ariel Ricker

Added on: Nov 26, 2017

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2019

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Advocates Abroad is an NGO that provides legal aid and information to the refugees in Greece. We recruit and train volunteer attorneys from all over the world and deploy them on field missions.

Advocates Abroad is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance and information to all refugees and asylum seekers, regardless of their identity or reason for asylum.  We work on the ground in the refugee camps, shelters, and urban centers throughout Greece, as well as remotely, to uphold the fundamental human rights and dignity of asylum seekers. We recruit and train volunteer attorneys, interpreters and medical professionals to work directly with refugees on short and long term field missions.
Since 2015, the mass arrivals of refugees over EU borders have overwhelmed the combined resources of Greece, the European Union, and established NGOs.  Meanwhile, tens of thousands of refugees remain locked in the limbo of Greek asylum procedures, waiting for many months in untenable refugee camps and detention centers. The vast majority of these refugees have very limited access to legal aid or even reliable information about their asylum cases and the asylum process.
Advocates is one of the few organizations in Greece providing legal assistance to refugees in preparation for their first instance asylum interviews.  Many refugees wait for many months before their first interview, without access to any legal assistance or information about the options available to the refugee, the purpose of the first instance interview, how to prepare, and what evidence to bring.  Advocates is dedicated to filling this gap and empowering asylum seekers with the information they need to navigate the asylum process.  Advocates also provides asylum law information sessions to refugees and aid workers, providing general guidance on the rights of asylum seekers and the relevant procedures.  We also assist with appeals, family reunification applications, refugees in need of medical attention, and with the special needs of unaccompanied minors.  Advocates operates legal aid clinics in several locations in Greece, and also provides remote assistance to refugees.


Ariel Ricker

I currently serve as the Executive Director of Advocates Abroad, and providing legal aid on the ground for refugees and asylum seekers here on Lesvos. I served as a legislative attorney with the Senate Majority Research Office in Honolulu, Hawaii, prior to this shift to asylum law. This network seems to offer an extraordinary opportunity to connect motivated professionals, from a variety of backgrounds and fields. I hope to offer my own experiences and knowledge however possible to this wonderful network and its members! A bit about Advocates Abroad: Advocates Abroad is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, comprised of 200 field and remote attorneys, interpreters, asylum experts. These volunteers provide critical legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers. All services are provided without discrimination or compensation.


Erica de la Harpe

I am the Director or Operations for Advocates Abroad. I have a background in International Law and human rights and now manage the operations for AA who provide free legal assistance to refugees in Greece and Italy. I'm looking to collaborate, find new partnerships, knowledge share and network.


Victoria Hartanto

I am the Deputy Director of Advocates Abroad, an NGO dedicated to providing legal aid and information to the refugees in Greece. We recruit and train volunteer attorneys from all over the world and deploy them on field missions to work directly with refugees and asylum seekers in the camps and detention centers in Greece. I myself am an attorney with a background in litigation and an interest in international human rights.

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