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Briony Martin

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Last Updated: Oct 12, 2019

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African Prisons Project’s mission is to bring dignity and hope to the men, women, and children living and working in prisons across Africa.


Agnes Nakirya

Agnes is an Academic Lawyer & Human Rights Advocate with experience in Access to Justice at grassroots levels, Public Policy Advocacy, Networking, Grassroots Capacity Building, Project Design & Management. She has been a contributor on national and international platforms and media on matters relating to Access to Justice and prisons. She was a presenter at the inaugural UN Solutions Summit in New York, the BBC Focus on Africa and TVC Trends Nigeria. Her long term goal is to help better realise a just, equal, global and socially inter-connected society where the principles of Equality, Human Rights and a belief in the inherent dignity of every human being inform all key decisions. Agnes is the Programme Coordinator at the African Prisons Project where she is responsible for the development of short and long term plans for programmes, monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance. She is hoping to share and learn more about the different innovative approaches to access to justice and human rights implementation.


Alexander McLean

I founded and direct the African Prions Project (www.africanprisons.org). Our work is to bring dignity and hope to men, women and children in prison. We work to develop change makers amongst prisoners and prisons staff, especially through providing legal education and supporting members of the prison community in providing legal services to their peers.

United Kingdom

Bea Simpson

I am access to justice and equity related programmes and networks where sharing of information and strategies can be realised.


Briony Martin

Healthcare, Education, Access to Justice

Ehsanul Oarith

African Prisons Project (APP) is an organization that works to promote hope, dignity and access to justice for individuals inside African prisons. As the Project Manager for Legal Aid Services, I am responsible for management of the Legal Aid Clinic established by APP inside the only maximum-security prison of Uganda. I oversee legal aid service delivery at the Clinic, which serves 1,500 clients inside the prison. I manage a team of six lawyers and ensure that the proper structure is in place to provide legal services from inside the peculiar environment of prisons. I also work on criminal appeal cases to Court of Appeal, where I examine possible grounds of appeal, advise clients and draft written submissions on their behalf. As the Public Interest Litigation lead, I am also responsible for identifying test cases that have the potential to stimulate policy change and challenge laws within the Ugandan Legal system that do not comply with the constitution or International Human Rights standards. I am currently representing 18 individuals who have been indefinitely detained in prison despite the fact that they were found to have a mental illness at the pre-trial stage. I am responsible for conducting the litigation process for each case, finding partners who will support APP in this process and building an advocacy plan that will maximize the impact of our achievements in each case.


John Muthuri

John Muthuri is a Human Rights and Access to Justice champion, Project Manager, Criminal Justice Reform advocate and a Legal Aid expert. He holds a Bachelor degree in Law and is currently finalising on his Master’s degree in Project Planning and Management. Muthuri has also been trained on Trial Advocacy, Commercial Litigation and Countering Violent Extremism. He is currently the Legal Aid Manager at African Prison Project (APP), a UK based Charity organization that seeks to bring hope and dignity to men, women and children living and working in prisons across Africa. Ensuring that prisons in Africa become places of positive transformation which base their approach on human rights and rehabilitation through access to justice, legal education and improving prison conditions. He is interested in the network for purposes of learning best practice, networking and sharing dthe best practice from his work of empowering inmates with legal skills and knowledge.


Peter Tibigambwa

I am currently working towards advocating for a fairer justice system across all levels in Kenya and Uganda where more than half the prison population is on remand and more than 90% of those accused cannot afford legal representation. I am working towards ensuring that detainees have access to quality legal representation, prison staff are empowered to support in case resolution, and judicial officials are able to dispense justice through informed interaction with prisoners. I have been privileged to earn the recognition of the Judiciary in Uganda as the best collaborator and partner with Justice Law and Order sector in Uganda on behalf of APP in 2018.