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P.O.BOX 90312
Dar es Salaam

+255 736 616 666


Network Champion: Main point of contact for this organization. Maintains this page and ensures organization makes the most of network membership.
Steven Aloys

Added on: Oct 05, 2019

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2019

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API is promoting and advocating for good governance and human rights in Tanzania. We currently workong on social justice and natural resources governance at local community.

AGENDA PARTICIPATION INITIATIVE (API) is a Non Governmental Organisation registered in Tanzania dedicated and working to promote accountable governance for services delivery and advocating for democratic governance in Tanzania by promoting and empower broad active participation and engagement of citizens in development agenda.

API vision to have an acxountable and democratic society equal participating and benefiting thorough good governance in Tanzania.

API mission is to provide knowledge and platform for citizens to demand accountability for policy change.
AGENDA PARTICIPATION INITIATIVE is curently working on social justice and natural resources governance has it’s office in Dar es salaam Tanzania.

API has 13 employees and 5 volunteers.

API is governed by the board of directors and secretariat.


Steven Aloys

Am CEO and Founder of AGENDA PARTICIPATION INITIATIVE as NGO advocating and working on good governance and humani rights in Tanzania. I have been working with national and international NGO for eight year on community engagement and empowerment and stakeholders management. Am very interesting to join the network for the purpose of learning and sharing the knowledge, information and skills globally for improvements.