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Arab Program for Human Rights Activists

Cairo, Egypt
Joined April 2018

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists (APHRA) was established in the beginning of 1997 as a civil non-profit corporation in response to the multitude of violations of the basic human rights

Presence in: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Women's Rights

Established in 1997, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists (APHRA) is an independent human rights organization . Since then, APHRA implemented hundreds of activities in support of human rights defenders in Egypt and other 16 Arab countries in the fields of legal aid and research, documentation of violations, trial monitoring, advocacy, and media campaigning. Between
1998 and 2002, APHRA organized dozens of regional workshops and conferences to address the legal and institutional arrangements and challenges facing human rights defenders in the region. In 2003, APHRA was among few leading Arab rights’ organizations to advocate for an Arab Human Rights Accord that is compatible with international human rights covenants and treaties. In the following years, APHRA produced legal research aimed at providing policy recommendations on reforming the legal frameworks for civil society organizations in the Arab world, elections, constitutional courts and the media. During the 2000s, APHRA provided dozens of trainings in 11 Egyptian governorates on organizational capacity building, trial monitoring,. Following the 2011 Revolution, APHRA concentrated on three main programs; reforming the security sector, developing a democratic civil society legislation and combating corruption in the public and private sectors. Between 2011 and 2012, APHRA organized seven conferences in six Egyptian governorates in the Delta region and Upper Egypt to mobilize a coalition of 112 national and grassroots organizations to advocate for reforming NGO Law (84/2002). Since 2013, APHRA in partnership with Transparency International, began implementing several projects aimed at developing corruption monitoring systems that take into account the Egyptian context. In 2014 and 2015, APHRA provided 12 training workshops to 480government employees in six ministries on anti- corruption compliance modules. In addition, APHRA formed a coalition of 5 NGOs to promote integrity standards and fight corruption

People Associated With This Organization

Haggag Nayel

Arab Program for Human Rights Activists (Unverified)
Joined March 2021
Interests: Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods, Women's Rights

Ongoing Lawyer for cassation court

2019 - the present Executive Director & Chairman of the Activists for Human Rights - Canada

1997 to 2018 Executive Director & Chairman of the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists (APHRA). - Egypt

2008 to 2018 Secretary General of the Arab Coalition for Sudan.

2013 to 2017 Chairman of Transparency International Contact Group in Egypt.

Operations Manager at the Legal Research and Resource Center for Human Rights (LRRCHR) - Cairo, Egypt.

Investigator / reporter in human rights abuse cases at the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) - Cairo, Egypt.

Khaled Emam

Arab Program for Human Rights Activists
Joined April 2018
Interests: Criminal Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency
I am a human rights lawyer and the Executive Manager of the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists (APHRA), located in Nasr City. APHRA has been working since 1997 to fight human rights violations in the MENA region. I have initiated and participated in several activities in the field of Human rights and anti-corruption. I also work with the UN and other international organizations in the field of international law. In the field of law, I defend several NGOs in the court every month. i am also founder of the Human Rights Volunteers Program and the Director of the Coalition of Integrity Partners in Egypt.I participated in writing, reviewing and preparing 9 researches, publications, books and reports on the situation of human rights, democracy, corruption, legislation and laws, elections and civil society in the Arab world.
I am thus interested in becoming a member of the Global Legal Empowerment Network
Khaled Emam is the network champion (main point of contact) for Arab Program for Human Rights Activists.

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