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Baraka, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Joined May 2018

ARC-EN-CIEL works in the democratic Republic of Congo to empower youth and women, help them to become self sufficient and see their rights respected by all. We also plead the respect of the law to all

Presence in: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Education, Family, Generalist Legal Services, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information, Women's Rights

ARC-EN-CIEL Asbl has been created on 15/01/2008 by young women in order to palliate some negative constants observed in the community such as: the destruction of socio-economics tissues of young women in particular, the careless neglect of women in the community, the non-respect of gender, women’s and children’s rights, the incapacity of young women to defend their rights and interests, prevent sexual violence against women and girls in our community.
ARC-EN-CIEL Asbl has a triple mission
1. defend children and women’s rights and interests
2. helping women to become self sufficient and
3. Legal empowerment and respect of the law
Listed below are the program of our organisation
All of these programs contributes to the human rights promotion by different awareness sensitization and tell people about the negative aspect of sexual violence.
in order to help people to know about our organisation and activities we use these different strategies:
– sensitization, training and information through the initiative
– Professional training and school sponsorship
– Initiative and creation of women’s empowerment groups for assuring the women self-reliance
– The direct participation of our beneficiaries in the identification their needs, planning and executing of programs to their favor,
– Advocacy with stakeholders of our beneficiaries.
Our organization is structured as follows:
1. General Assembly: is the supreme organ in charge of organisation’s decisions
2. Commission of Control: in charge of internal control
3. Board of Directors: this is a non permanent in charge of following of the general assembly decision.
4. Executive Direction: Is technical and permanent organ which plan, manage and execute the organisation’s activities, composed by: direction, finance and HR, Logistic, programs.

People Associated With This Organization

Imani Yaleo

Democratic Republic of the Congo  
Joined May 2018
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Education, Generalist Legal Services, Women's Rights
I am IMANI YALEO Boutros, the program manager of ARC-EN-CIEL Asbl since 2012, I have bachelor degree in Nursing and Six months course certificate in human Rights, one year course certificate in Leadership and management.
I worked for three years as a nursing director with Doctors without borders from and I have treatment many cases of sexual violence, sometimes even 20 to 36 cases per months what troubling me too much and pushed me to in an organisation which is defending human rights so that i can be able to plead for the actors of all those criminal acts to be judged for reducing its impact to other person who would be willing to do so.
I am currently working as a Program Manager of ARC-EN-CIEL asbl where were and are still helping people to get rights in different ways.
Where we have so many challenges and I am doing all the best to overcome them them.
because of my own effort and working to this position I have helped more than 123 vitcims of SV to get empowered.
Imani Yaleo is the network champion (main point of contact) for ARC-EN-CIEL.

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